Some suggestions after I played WoG

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Some suggestions after I played WoGNikoKun10/20/2008 - 15:07

For the PC version, would be nice to have a resolution option... I've noticed that editing the config file lets me up rez, and that makes everything sharper and even better looking! But the continue button after finishing a level hangs off screen a little.

A problem I've noticed in gameplay, I often find myself having a hard time adding goo-balls or removing goo-balls from a structure... Because when I go to grab a ball, the game accidentally thinks I'm grabbing a piece from the structure, thus it breaks what I built.

I propose that goo-balls yet to be used, the free moving ones crawling around, should be grabbed with the Left-click just as they are right now... And balls that are already part of the structure (nodes) should be ONLY removable with the Right-click, that way there's no accidents, and the game wont misinterpret what we were clicking on.
This would also help for when there are a LOT of goo-balls on the structure, it's hard to remove a mistakenly placed node from a structure, as the balls gather in large numbers and block access to nodes... So the right click would only target the nearest structure node, even when tons of free-balls are in the way. Killing 2 problems with one small gameplay fix.

Maybe that's not great for the Wii version, but the B button could always be used as an alternative. lol  So I see no reason why not.  Overly simply gameplay leads to these types of problems, even in a great game like WoG.

Also, how about a way to block the free moving goo-balls from crawling onto a particular part of a structure?  Maybe some kind of temporary block-gooball, which can be attached on top of already existing nodes, to form a blockade, so that the free goo-balls aren't allowed onto an area, thus weighing it down, before it's solid enough to support their weight.  Obviously the Whistle is somewhat useful for that purpose, but it's frustrating to try and go back and forth, just to keep them off an area, while your building.  This would really help for the more advanced puzzles.

Would also be neat to have more than just standard goo-balls in the World of Goo corp sandbox mode, at least after completing the game. But that's not all that necessary, just for fun. Maybe the option to play with other ball-types in sandbox could be somewhere.
I think that would extend the replayability of the "World of Goo Corp" mode. Making it more of a sandbox game, and less of an only "build as high as you can" mode.

Re: Some suggestions after I played WoGNightCabbage10/20/2008 - 19:43

I like the left / right click idea... to select moving / structure goo.

Also, I think there should be more to the world of goo corp mode :)

It would encourage people to collect as much goo as possible! More playability!