List of suggestions

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List of suggestionsgerri60310/21/2008 - 21:58

1. optimize the controls

1.1 use the keyboard:

awsd and/or left/up/down/right arrow for panning
strg - select joint goo only ( this would make building so much easier )
alt - select free running goo only

1.2 use the mouse

scroll wheel zoom in, zoom out
right mouse button to select a joint goo ( underneath all those goos in building mode after reset )

2. more options

sound level/on/off

3. more information

how many goos left ( sorted by kind )
how many moves done

in solved levels ( best goo score )

4. gameplay

add a goobox at goo corp that stores all the little goos after reset ( and let them free in charges of 10 , 25, 50 , 100 via mouseclick )