Europe Wii Whining Thread

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Europe Wii Whining Threadaalborg10/24/2008 - 05:00

I didn't know of this game untill I read some reviews .. and was rubbing my hands in anticipation, finally downloading a game to my Wii that I wanted to play for more than 5 minutes other than for nostalgia.
And what happens.. Europe get's this game sometime in 2009 as retail.. for (now priced at about 51 US dollars) and knowing the shops around here they will probably try and sell it off as a regular Wii title at a whopping 80 us dollars.. I kid you not. So lets see. In the us you can download this for 15 dollars (was it)? .. and I will have to pay 5-6 times that amount to get my hands on a version for my Wii here.. oh wait.. we get the extra Moon level.. ahh sorry.. now it makes sense.. forget I said anything

Re: Europe Wii Whining ThreadJens10/24/2008 - 09:20

Don't try to directly convert Euro's into dollars. The global market just doesn't work that way.

On another note, it is pretty sad that you can't download it on the wii marketplace, for this I don't know the reason myself. But hey, there must be one or it wouldn't be this way.
If you are unhappy and still want to play WoG just buy it through paypal. Europeans have a better deal there, since twenty dollars get converted to fifteen euro's (estimate, it was so when I bought it).
But if you just want it on the wii, well, you'll just have to put up with it I guess.

For us europeans, the game on the website costs as much as the wii game online would cost, so there isn't much that should be holding you back, is there?

Re: Europe Wii Whining Threadaalborg10/24/2008 - 15:35

I want to download this on my Wii not onto my pc.. no matter how "unhappy" I am.. the suckage is that the US got this game for 15 dollars 1 week ago.. and I have to wait untill sometime in 2009 and pay  5 times as much.. I will not be treated like this.. I will remember this.. and buy Goo when I find it for the original 15 dollars the us had to pay..

Re: Europe Wii Whining Threadp_nut_uk10/25/2008 - 17:26

I was really annoyed too but we can get it in Europe for Windows now, ok that doesn't help some and it is harsh that it most likely will cost more, releasing it on both formats would be a good idea, I must admit I love the game so much i'm going to buy it on Wii aswell just for the extra levels and co-op modes.

Re: Europe Wii Whining Threadhotblack10/25/2008 - 17:58

I've moaned elsewhere about the huge delay and inflated cost of the Wii version in Europe. But to be fair, this was their first attempt at releasing something worldwide, most of the work has been done with a small group of people (no backing from publishers etc) and console releases can be tricky. So it's not a big surprise that they took a hands off approach and let a European Publisher deal with all the localisation/submission issues. I think it was a mistake, but from comments 2D Boy have made they won't let the same happen in the future.

Re: Europe Wii Whining ThreadWiiMoveYou9411/01/2008 - 05:46

Okay, just to get things strait here.

1. Retail games always cost more.
2. Games in different countries cost differently.
3. At least you can still get it.
4. Just because only chapter 6 (10-15 levels is a lot) was the only announcement doesnt mean they wont add extra stuff to it.
5. Shut up, your not the only ones.

Delays always happen with europe due to translations (even minor ones from amarican english- european english) and retailizing (a word???).

Also, you get a manual, even if you already know how to play it and already know everything about it, it's still fun to read and help if you get stuck.


Re: Europe Wii Whining Threadhotblack11/01/2008 - 19:23

Nice rant. Unfortunately it misses a few points and shows a lack of understanding of the situation (the price and content has been announced for example as well as the reasons for going with a disc based retail package in Europe) and the realities of game production/localisation.

It's great to be supportive of 2dboy, but they messed this one up, simple as that. They know this and have even admitted it. No amount of fanboism will change the fact that Wii owners outside the US are getting a raw deal.

Re: Europe Wii Whining ThreadWiiMoveYou9411/02/2008 - 05:24

Okay, i apologies. I haven't been on these forums for long but i will admit when i dont have the correct information. Although i do know a bit about uk retailing in europe due to many delayed games (i.e. SSBB, MK:Wii)

I am not a fanboy, far from it but i get to see so many people moaning about price difference and delays it WINDS ME UP SO MUCH! They say it as if no-one cares about them and that they seem like they're the only ones its happening to.

People mess up, its natural; especially for a team of two game designers trying to make a living on their own. The game is great (i have the pc demo) and i cannot wait for the europe version but i have a motto:

NO POINT MOANING ABOUT SUMMIT YA CAN'T CHANGE! (i.e. whats thepoint in moaning about GCSE's?) the same applies here, ya cant change it, so  live with it. Do something else in your spare time other than complain or hope for it to come sooner. (thats what i did for SSBB)

Im glad we managed to get on each others good sides after that rough start. ;)

Re: Europe Wii Whining ThreadXerxesQados11/02/2008 - 14:41

The sad part about releasing a console version of a game is that you need a publisher. And publishers screw up EVERYTHING.

Don't blame the 2D Boy. He's sorry. He still loves you.

Re: Europe Wii Whining ThreadEU_Wii_User11/05/2008 - 12:15

I think that many EU users won't wait till 2009 and many people think it is also not fair to pay much more than others. Thats the reason why cracks and mod chips grow and now a publisher cry and increase the price to get his profit. Really sad.  :-[

Re: Europe Wii Whining Threadsaraswati11/13/2008 - 23:22

guys, I hope you know it IS coming out on Wiiware now?