I will suggest only one thing...

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I will suggest only one thing...seb28110/24/2008 - 23:14

Hi, first, I want to say that World of Goo is just so very good!

Continue like that 2D BOY, you are amazing!

So for me, I will only suggest to put in the menu, the options to change the language and the screen resolution of the game.

I know you can edit the file config.txt but it's not everyone who know that.

Also, for the resolution, when change it, you can have little bugs in the game like for example, I can't access to the button CONTINUE if I put the resolution on 1440x900 or 1680x1050.

That's it! The rest is wonderful!

Re: I will suggest only one thing...Wishbone10/27/2008 - 14:37

I second that. An options menu is a must. Put sliders for the sounds and music in there too, while you're at it.

Editing the config file presents its own problems to some. Maybe other Vista users have experienced this? It's so stupid, here's what happens:

I edit the config file. I try to save it. Vista won't let me, because it has some sort of special security force field around the two "Program Files" directories (yes, two, I'm on Vista64). So what do I do? I save the config file to my desktop, and then copy it into the right folder, which Vista will let me do. What?!? ??? Someone at Microsoft is an idiot! >:(

Re: I will suggest only one thing...Nicosmos10/31/2008 - 14:38

Yes, I had the same idea today  ;D
A new icon beside the the others (credits, profile and quit).

An other addition which could be nice : have the ability to rename a profile. I have played to the game (for the first time) with my cousins this week at my grandparent's home, and we have quickly named the profile "Nous" ("us" in French). Now, I have repatriated the profile to my home, and I want to use it like principal account ... and I can't rename it !  :P

And still +1 for the configuration screen  ;)

Re: I will suggest only one thing...ltldrummerboy10/31/2008 - 18:59

I would also love to be able to change the resolution.