Plasma Screen Burn-in

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Plasma Screen Burn-ingoonies10/28/2008 - 12:01

Your game has some opaque and contrasty static UI elements which make for an image retention issue when played on the wii with a plasma screen. It would be much better on the TV's health if these elements faded to somewhat transparent unless the cursor was over top of them (or at least had an option to set transparency somewhere). Particularly the goo tower area and the black boxes with white text at the bottom and top right of that. That said, this is easily the best game I've played since portal- thanks!

Re: Plasma Screen Burn-inThe Happy Friar10/28/2008 - 21:18

I thought new plasma's didn't have burn in anymore.

Wouldn't this be an issues with ALL game played though?  Nearly all have a permanent HUD.