Zoom or turn of "Goo-Autojump(?)"

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Zoom or turn of "Goo-Autojump(?)"arne03/24/2008 - 19:38


i´ve just downloaded this wonderful game today - and i see that my next week will be some kind of wasted :-)
i love it - it´s totaly addictive ...

but i was trying to build a tower in the corpmode. after building some kind of pyramid and a lot of crashing towers i started to build a really sturdy one, but it´s really hard to make the interconnections between the goos, because the space left between the blocks is so small that the goos jump on the line to run around rather than to make a new connection in between. so it would be perfect to turn of the "i´ll jump on that and run around" and make it a "when there is no space left i´ll just fall down" and so there will be a lot more space left for making new connections in between.
or another possibility would be some kind of zoom in (no zoom out of course) to get more detail...

do you understand what i´m trying to say? (i guess i wouldn´t... o god my english is so bad-sorry)

so thanks for this long night - getting up tomorrow will be horrible ;-)
good night


Re: Zoom or turn of "Goo-Autojump(?)"Marius03/26/2008 - 19:50

Why no zoom out? I'd like to zoom out, more than zooming in!
Also, I'd like the option to choose what I want to grab: free goos, structure nodes, or both. Currently wee only get both, and I occasionally rip parts of my structure down when I want to grab a goo...

Re: Zoom or turn of "Goo-Autojump(?)"FunkyLlama04/06/2008 - 06:35

And I occasionally grab a goo when I want to rip out part of my structure.