New (Multiplayer) Gameplay Modes

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New (Multiplayer) Gameplay ModesOehr11/07/2008 - 18:34

I only played the demo(waiting for the wii retail release/europe steam release), but i really really like this game so far.
As far as i can see (and read), World of Goo Corp. is the only online mode in wog. too bad. there are so many possible multiplayer modes.

So here are a few I thought of:
(screenshot soon or never)
SP: MP only
MP: Max Players: 2-4
       There are various black goos(not usable/buildable) scattered on the level.
       All players have to collect as many black goos as possible.
       Each player has a different playing/goo color(red, blue, green, yellow). Their available goo is endless.
       The players can affect each others goo buildings(physic) but cant use them for building.
       The round ends as soon as all black goo balls have been collected or the time runs out.
       The winner is the one who collect most of the black goos.

Deathrace of Goo
(screenshot soon or never)
SP: MP only
MP: Max Players: endless
       All players start from the same position(they can't affect others) - you can see the shadows of their gooish masterpieces in the bg
       They have to get to the goal as quick as possible - but remember: the timelimit is not your friends - nor the spikes.
       Mode 1: you have as many goo as you want to use!
                     Even though some other player may cross the finish line before you - dont panic:
                     If you used less goo than him, you get a -1sec bonus for each not used goo!
       Mode 2: Goolimit! Though you can restart whenever you want.
                     The winner is the one who reaches the goal first.


SP: The player gets a random figure(in this case a vase) and he has to rebuild it with goo as fast as possible. Though, every used goo is +1sec!
       The game checks if the goo resembles the given symbol. If not, you failed.
MP: Max Players: endless^^
       All players have a specific timelimit to regoo the random chosen figure. If you don't finish within the timelimit, you will be disqualified.
       Even if someone was faster than you, you get a -1sec bonus for each not used goo(difference)!
       All creations are displayed at the end of the round.
       The game checks if the goo resembles the given symbol. If not, you are disqualified.

P.S. ill appreciate critique :)

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Re: New (Multiplayer) Gameplay ModeslittleCoward11/07/2008 - 19:56

i like your ideas  :D