platform crossover, centralized account?

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platform crossover, centralized account?jimjamjoh11/10/2008 - 16:47

OK, first, I'll start by suggesting something that I hope is considered openly, rather than an attempt to squeeze the devs...I *love* WoG, I bought it for my Wii and would be very interested to, say, play it at work instead of working.  But in the same vein as ripping audio from CDs you own to your iPod is considered fair use, I think being able to download WoG for any platform (maybe with a total number cap?) once you purchase for one platform should be an option.

Tacked on to this is a secondary, complementary suggestion, which is the real magic: online storage of game saves.

This would mean that, regardless of whether I'm playing on my Wii or on my PC, I'm playing on the same account.  This would be fairly revolutionary.

Obviously, there'd be technical challenges, but once overcome, the solution could become a staple of your studio's future products, and talk about a value add!  And opens up opportunities for tack-ons, like a mobile mini-game for Andriod and iPhones which just exposes the World of Goo Corporation mini-game (just spitballing here).

Cross-platforming this thing would be killer, and the buy-once-run-anywhere model would be revolutionary for a gaming product.

Just some ideas.

Re: platform crossover, centralized account?martinstatic11/10/2008 - 18:25

Yeah would be a good idea, but when you look at console games (PS3, 360) it seems a bit far off to think a multi-platform buy...although it could happen one day, you never know ;)
Just thought I'd do this for a bit of fun :)

Re: platform crossover, centralized account?jimjamjoh11/10/2008 - 18:51

well but if you looked at ps3 & xbox, et al., you'd come to the conclusion that it'd be impossible for a small house like 2dboy to launch a hit on a major platform.  world of goo is a testament to the fact that the old rules about what it takes to make & distribute a hit game can be rewritten.

i'd be shocked if the decision against buy-once/play-anywhere was a technological decision instead of a business decision (assuming it was/is a "decision" at all, which is no given since i've not heard the idea bandied about before).

what's great about a small house like 2dboy making great games is that they have the maneuverability to swim upstream with deicisions like product distribution, amongst others, and because of the quality and popularity of world of goo, certainly shake things up a bit.

Re: platform crossover, centralized account?martinstatic11/10/2008 - 19:51

Yeah, well I too think it's a good idea, at least having some sort of save file converter app or something to start off, as I too have the game on PC and WiiWare, and find it weird to switch between accounts like that.

Re: platform crossover, centralized account?AnthraX11/11/2008 - 13:11

Nice idea, but do we really want to put any effort into helping PS3 and Xbox 360 users? Without games exclusively for PC, and to some extent Wii, developers of software would struggle to find funding.

Re: platform crossover, centralized account?jimjamjoh11/11/2008 - 14:38

Well it's not so much about developing for every platform out there (xbox 360, ps3, etc) so much as offering crossover value for the platforms the game currently exists for.  WoG is a Wii game, but it's also a PC/Mac/Linux game.  So my suggestion is more, if you make the business decision to put your game on multiple platforms, which has been here, and if you recognize that the same user may use more than one of these platforms (Wii + PC or whatever), then you have a world of crossover opportunities by offering some type of "continuation" experience when the same user logs into your game from a new platform.

Mobile is another arena, 2dboy's FAQ indicates they're bombarded with requests for a mobile (iPhone, etc) port, but instead of a full port, an interesting and perhaps more achievable alternative would be a mini-game or games which extend/enhance your player profile, so that when you play on your phone, and then log back on to your Wii, whatever progress you've made is reflected in your account.

And since WoG already has a mini-game of sorts in "World of Goo Corporation", that would seem like an ideal candidate.

But again, I'm just throwing darts at a wall here, as a user who loves the game and would like to see it become even more than it already is.  It's already got the viral following, and so has the wheels to become all of these different things where other, more traditional "studio" games may not.

Re: platform crossover, centralized account?martinstatic11/11/2008 - 14:58

Hmm, I believe that this has been done before, the last time I personally can remember using this sort of thing was Tomb Raider Legends on PSP and PS2, in which your save file could be transferred between the formats via USB.

There are others that I can't quite think off, sports games in particular.
It's just that, despite 2D Boys' skill and ambition, money is always a factor when producing games, and also developing, to an extent.
Not to mention the involvement with Nintendo that would be complicated for a multi-platform-single-buy, but perhaps it will happen. :)

Re: platform crossover, centralized account?jimjamjoh11/11/2008 - 15:26

That's true.  Although with the commercial success that World of Goo is already showing itself to be, I can't imagine 2dboy will remain a 2-person development house for much longer.

Hopefully, with more financial and personnel resources at their disposal, they'll be able to move in this direction, and if not for this version of World of Goo, perhaps for sequels/expansions.

Re: platform crossover, centralized account?martinstatic11/11/2008 - 17:19

Yeah...also with the European Wii version being boxed, on a disc, it's definitely showing signs of upwards movement. Like a goo tower.