Goo engineering

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Goo engineeringJossiRossi03/05/2008 - 02:51

I'm not really sure where this idea could really fit aside from a freebuild system that allows for more "color" than the current Goo Inc. system. I like how Goo Inc. basically gives a plain and fair playing field to everyone so I'd rather that not change.

However being able to design Goos would be equally as fun. Essentially I'd see you given a control panel that lists all the properties a goo can have. Some are toggle actions, or use slides. You can affect if a goo can be disconnected after connecting, or the number of connections/length of connections able to be made, color, floating strength, weight, ect. I'm sure you get the idea.

Depending on the number of possible combinations there could be different uses and focus for the hypothetical use of this system. If the permutations is great enough I'd love to see something where you have to design goos for very specific challenges and try to maximize their efficiency to one or more goals.

Re: Goo engineeringTorquai03/05/2008 - 05:19

I can see the fun this could make, but I fear it might show too much of the game's mechanics.

On the beta lists there has been some talk of people wanting a sandbox kind of thing, maybe this could fit into there, or atleast a place where you could 'order' goo balls of different kinds, sy for example 10x balloons or 15x green balls.

Re: Goo engineeringHellspark03/05/2008 - 07:33

I wish I could've gotten in on the beta-testing...

How many testers do/did you guys (2Dboy) have?

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Re: Goo engineeringBallisticsfood03/05/2008 - 15:13

[quote author=Torquai link=topic=8.msg19#msg19 date=1204712371]
On the beta lists there has been some talk of people wanting a sandbox kind of thing, maybe this could fit into there, or atleast a place where you could 'order' goo balls of different kinds, sy for example 10x balloons or 15x green balls.

I would absolutely love that, especially if coupled with a level editor... I've just got a vision of a crate filled with goo parachuting gently down to earth before delivering it's gooey payload.
Seriously though, in a sandbox being able to order different numbers of different gooballs would be very, very useful, and would also prompt people to work through all the levels in order to discover all the different kinds of goo.

As for editing the gooballs yourself, I think we're going to have enough on our plate with all the kinds of goo packaged with the game. If you work with the number of gooballs you found in the first chapter (which was 3, i'm not counting the regular gooballs, the unusable gooballs or the goo-corporation gooballs) then multiply it by the number of chapters (5) you end up with 18 gooball types if you add on the 3 ones I disregarded to start with. Even if those brilliant deities who call themselves 2dboy haven't made that many types of gooball, you should still have a fair few to play with. If we did ever get a gooball editor I'm sure the number of different permutations would be *does some rapid maths* Huge. Beyond belief. (Theres 11 variables I can think of without racking my brains too much, and at least 5 of those are discrete, so we're talking big numbers)

Anyways, essay about gooball permutations aside, gooball editor is a damn good, but pointlessly complex idea, the gooball ordering is an excellent idea with much potential for hilarity, and neither of the ideas works without a sandbox mode of some kind. Which is a shame.

There, Now I can breath again.

Re: Goo engineeringDil99903/05/2008 - 19:40

I think there should be a mode which is simply a copy of Co.  but it lets you spawn any type of goo you want.

Re: Goo engineeringtoompie03/06/2008 - 03:03

hmm.. i would like different approaches to World goo corporation, for instance different levels, so people with less goo's then the pro's can also have a crack (albeit lucky) at creating a mighty tower, those levels could have a variety of goo available to them (although. it should be the same for everyone =P)

not that i need more goo balls.. i think this is a game where i might actually be a bit good at =D

Re: Goo engineeringOoso03/17/2008 - 11:03

this is really a good idea. Also the behaviour of the connections between the goo balls could be configurable!

hours and hours to play... sigh

Re: Goo engineeringDil99903/17/2008 - 18:08

The problem with a ranked freebuild system is that all you need to do is attach tons of baloons to your structure and it will stay up no matter what.  I think theres 2 options:
1) No rankings in the freebuild mode
2) A kind of goo trade area, you can trade normal balloons for special ones.

Re: Goo engineeringmiloserus10/19/2008 - 09:03

What we really need is a infinite non ranked field/island with a "Instant Goo 'O' Matic -All Sorts- Dispenser".
Maybe with some shy goo's who would not show themselves without a proper introduction.
This could also work as a Goo exercise ground (prototype) for the long awaited map editor.