Can't you go any faster on the Linux port!?!?!?

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Can't you go any faster on the Linux port!?!?!?microe11/17/2008 - 15:44

I wish there were silly tags in subject lines. Anyhow, keep up the good work. Just wanted to make sure you knew I am chiefly interested in the Linux port of World of Goo. OK, back to playing the windows port in wine.

Re: Can't you go any faster on the Linux port!?!?!?hagfish11/29/2008 - 04:22

I tried the windows version of the demo under Wine (running on Ubuntu 8.04) and it works beautifully. Niggles include a 1-pixel line across the top of the screen, and not restoring the screen resolution on quitting (maybe a wine-thing, rather than a wog-thing). I didn't test the networked stuff.

Re: Can't you go any faster on the Linux port!?!?!?Blµb11/29/2008 - 04:57

I checked the "Emulate a virtual Desktop" box in winecfg, so not changing back the resolution is no problem, although the mouse can leave the window now even with the checkbox ["Allow DirectX apps to stop the mouse leaving their window"] :S

Mhhh, should try zooming into the window with compiz and have the mouse stuck :P
But I've finished the demo already, and now am waiting for the linux version to come out to buy, so... nah :)

I survived the long wait for penumbra requiem, so I'll survive this too :)

Re: Can't you go any faster on the Linux port!?!?!?faron12/04/2008 - 01:31

Yeah ... I am waiting for the linux Version too.
I have bought and already played it on a computer of a friend of mine. After that he has bought it too.  ;D But he is a BSD-User and makes no illusions about getting games for his favorite Operating System so he have an microsoft windows too.
The only Windows in my house are transparent, so please it would be very nice getting WoG before Chrismas.
(wine version has very broken graphics on my thinkpad with intel 965GM so its not useable)

Great Game

Re: Can't you go any faster on the Linux port!?!?!?Soultaker12/04/2008 - 07:44

Wine runs fine on (at least) FreeBSD too. ;-)

(Incidentally, upgrading to wine-1.1.9 broke World of Goo for me, so I'm hoping for a quick Linux release more than ever.)

Re: Can't you go any faster on the Linux port!?!?!?Blµb12/05/2008 - 11:32

I'd like to know why it is taking so much time to finish it :P
I've been using SDL and OpenGL a few times and there never was really much work to make it comiple on windows. But they were small projects... I always wanted to know why things usually take longer than I'd expect.
Maybe it's just natural that win->linux takes longer than linux->windoze?

And I wonder how it's going to be released... I mean, I *always* wonder why there are... for instance... installers.
As you could just zip the WoG stuff and unzip+play, at least a simple "cp -a WoG/ blah.../" and `wine WorldOfGoo.exe` worked with the win demo on my pc+laptop.
[me=Blµb]prefers a .tar.bz2 archive though ^_^[/me]

but sure, when you release it for linux, you have to either put the SDL libs there too or you rely on the user being able to install it themselves... or make that installer which checks that, but it would have to consider the different linux distributions/package managers...

Darkplaces source code wrote:
//TODO: Add a quit query in linux, too - though linux user are more likely to know what they do

And I wonder if it's going to be x86 or x86_64 or both...
Maybe even ARM so it can work on the Pandora? :D
but then it must be OpenGL 2.0 ES compatible...
[me=Blµb]goes back to waiting ... :([/me]

Re: Can't you go any faster on the Linux port!?!?!?draeath12/05/2008 - 21:56

[quote author=hagfish link=topic=819.msg6518#msg6518 date=1227950571]
Niggles include a 1-pixel line across the top of the screen

Just so you know, I get the same 1-pixel line across the top under Windows XP. Note that I've edited my config to run the game at 1680x1050@60hz, and I have an nvidia card.

Re: Can't you go any faster on the Linux port!?!?!?ajalkane12/18/2008 - 10:40

I think they're preserving the release of Linux port as a Christmas gift to us :-).

Re: Can't you go any faster on the Linux port!?!?!?Blµb12/18/2008 - 12:09

Oh I shall hope so :)
but what am I gonna do until then?