Mistranslation (kind of) in epilogue main screen (in Spanish)

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Mistranslation (kind of) in epilogue main screen (in Spanish)Manray11/22/2008 - 13:33

Hi guys, I've found a little error in the main screen of the epilogue, in the Spanish translation. It says "Epilogue" instead of "Epílogo" (at least Mac edition). I've been working in the Spanish translation in http://hell.student.utwente.nl/wog/download-text.php, and I'd say it's an image issue, not from the translation, so if you can change it...

A picture:

Re: Mistranslation (kind of) in epilogue main screen (in Spanish)Nicosmos11/24/2008 - 12:03

Yes, the word "Epilogue" seems to be shared between all languages in World of Goo. But it is just not shared in real World ! ;D

In French, there is only a accent small problem (E instead of É), but in others languages, the difference is bigger ! :-\