Goo "call"

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Goo "call"Neilio11/28/2008 - 09:12

I played this game on the Wii before i bought the mac version, and I vaguely remember if you clicked on a none goo area your cursor would sing and "call" the goos in that direction. On the mac version clicking the mouse doesn't do this, is there another button i should be hitting, or is this a bug, or possibly i'm just making this call feature up completely and i just dreamt it up while dreaming of goos. Any help would be nice. Thanks

Re: Goo "call"Boudin11/28/2008 - 10:48

This feature is the whisttler that you obtain in the 2nd chapter.

Re: Goo "call"Neilio11/28/2008 - 19:15

that makes sense that i just hadn't gotten to it. Thanks