WOG - Christmas gift edition

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WOG - Christmas gift editionAcknot12/05/2008 - 13:59

Hi, just wanted to share an idea. I bought this game and think it would make a great corporate christmas gift in stead of the usual dull gifts. Perhaps you should make a short christmas edition with, say, ten to twelve levels. The story should be in line with the current one, only in a christmas theme.

Now, I propose you should make an order page where i can buy a number of licences at a typical corporate expenditure recoop friendly (in my country) $9 each with  some bult rates at say at half a dozen, a dozen and some steps. Make it easy for me to enter the recipient and a short text and send each member on the list a suitably WOG-themed christmas card (email) with download link.

I pledge to buy 6 at $9 ea here and now.