Cortex Command

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Cortex CommandMacatttack11/13/2008 - 18:53

You couldn't  beat some of the old pixel graphics games like metal slug...
until the new better pixel graphic game with destructible terrain came out:
Pics(some are .gifs, so I hope they work):

The game is fully modifiable as you can see by these kick ass factions:

The game costs 20 bucks and is still a W.I.P. but I think its worth getting. :D
Link to web site:
Also, Free?:
Also now with added build 22:

The little green half dead thing is a zombie.

Re: Cortex CommandMacatttack11/25/2008 - 21:01

Wow, guess nobody likes metal slug-like games here.  :-\

Re: Cortex CommandElmorrow11/25/2008 - 21:41

I like it. Been playing for about a year. Definitely would suggest it.

Re: Cortex CommandThe Happy Friar11/25/2008 - 21:45

I tried it from reading the post.  Not something I'm interested in, but I do love side scroller shooters.  Just not this one (I like RIP & Jets & Guns).