How to install ????

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How to install ????Lockmaster02/14/2009 - 17:56

Am I the only one who doesn't know how to install the various levels offered by members? I have GooTool and have installed the 5 GooMod files available but the rest that are offered in this forum seem to be packages that need to be copied in some manner to WoG. These packages all contain various folders and files including xml's. Do they need to be loaded in the WoG Editor first? That is another mystery to me as I tried to find and load the editor  but have not been able to. Would someone care to write some detailed instructions here? I would certainly appreciate it and probably alot of others would as well.

Re: How to install ????FluffyWolf202/14/2009 - 19:43

Well, I have no answer, because I'm like yourself. So don't feel alone! I would imagine though that if the architecture of the *.zip or other files is similar to a *.goomod then you'd be able to install through GooTool. In all honesty, I try to stick to only GooMod files, because I'd like to see GooTool really take off and people use it as a standard :)

But any information on this would be great, also a level you may be wishing to get that is in the format you suggested would be a great example to start with, and maybe we all could figure out what to do :)!

Re: How to install ????Lockmaster02/14/2009 - 21:37

Here is one example posted by Kopa -,1410.0.html

Go to his Megaupload link to dl. I don't believe it's a zip file; just a folder w/ sub folders. I think these are created in the WoG Editor that never got compiled to a single GooMod file. GooTool only works with compiled files; at least I tried to open it and GooTool would not recognize anything in the structure.

I agree that it would be great if Gootool would become the standard cause I might like to create some levels but seriously doubt I have the time and so far I have only found 5 goomod levels and one doesn't even work on my Mac. Presently, My 2 PC 's are having problems so I am only using the Mac for Goo related stuff and so far it seems the editor only works on Windows unless you have programming skills. I read something about having to install Python and that's where I stopped.

Really, when I'm not working I just want to play; not spend hours installing stuff but I can afford some time to that if someone would just show us noobs how.

Re: How to install ????MattOG02/15/2009 - 02:26

Easy as pie once you know how.  :) :)

You need winzip/winrar/something capable of creating .zip files. I use winrar, so the last step is the instructions for that and winzip.

1. Copy/paste the text below to a txt file. and rename it to addin.xml. You may have to get windows to show file extensions to do this.

<addin spec-version="1.0">
  <name>LEVEL NAME</name>

  <!-- Details about this level -->
    <name text="LEVEL NAME"/>
    <subtitle text="SUBTITLE TEXT"/>

Please take into account the "" marks, and the spaces in the names. Where LEVELNAME has no space, don't put one in for the level.

Also please note, the OCD is best left as is. The levels you have to compile like this won't have one set anyway.

Last note, the 'com.goofans.level.' bit isn't needed, but it's a good ID for the level.

Replace the bits in red to match the level. The main bits are the level names.

Ok. Next.

If the folder has .xml/.png files AND .bin files. goto #3.

2. Open gootool, at the top click on 'advanced->decrypt'. Choose the right setting. Point to the directory containing the level and click open. Then point to it again and click save. If done right, you'll now have .xml files with the rest. (If there are .png.binltl files, do those too with the decrypt option for them).

3. Create 2 directories, 'compile' 'override'. Inside these, create a sub folder called 'res', then inside that called 'levels' and finally inside that called 'LEVELNAME'. (The same name you used in the .xml) So if the level is called bright sunshine your folders will look like below.

Level Folder

4. Inside the compile->res->levels->'LEVELNAME' folder, put the .xml files.

5. Inside the override->res->levels->'LEVELNAME' folder, put the .png images.

6. There is a 'merge' folder with the same structure, but if that's needed, it will be a goomod file already  ;).

7. Ok, a final file check. Look below.

compile->res->levels->'LEVELNAME'->*.xml files
override->res->levels->'LEVELNAME'->*.png images

8. If that looks good. Select the addin.xml and the compile and override folders and right click->add to archive/zip. make sure it's set to .zip file and click ok.

9. When you have your zip file. Rename the .zip part to .goomod. and you're all done.  :)

Hope this helps.  :)

oh yeah, cheers to Davidc for all his hard work with gootool. most of this information has been assimilated and put into layman terms from his site.

Re: How to install ????davidc02/15/2009 - 12:53

Looks good, I'd just add one point, which is that the ID and version are going to become more important soon. The forthoming releases of and GooTool have a mod download system, check for updates on mods, and automatic dependency downloading.

So I recommend highly that you increment the version number each time you release a new version, and that you use a globally unique ID of one of the following forms:

1) if you have your own domain name (e.g. reverse it, e.g. net.davidc.brightsunshine

2) if you have an account on, use com.goofans + your username, e.g. com.goofans.davidc.brightsunshine

3) failing that use + your username.


Re: How to install ????lippli03/10/2009 - 15:38

i created my own level, but it's not working.
I exactly mad it how it's written here.
Can anybody test it and tell me what's wrong with it ?

Re: How to install ????ukpetd03/10/2009 - 18:35

I'm no expert, but the file Testli4.resource.xml in the goomod refers to several images which are not included in the goomod. i.e. stachel wolke-gross etc.

Check all images are included.

Re: How to install ????lippli03/11/2009 - 12:14

Oh God !
You are right ! There are many images from an other Test inside the Resources.
I will fix that.
Thank you verry much