Issues makeing signs [Solved]

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Issues makeing signs [Solved]Zagrom03/29/2009 - 16:05

I have one question, Im playing around with making levels and have
been able to learn most of it on my own, but making the signs has started
to tick me off, I cant seem to figure it out, any help?

[=8pt]If I have missed the answer to this somewhere else, Im sorry, I did look,
if this is the case please just redirect me.[/]

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Re: Issues makeing signsdavidc03/29/2009 - 17:47

Here you go:


Re: Issues makeing signsZagrom03/29/2009 - 19:18

Thank you very much, both for good info and quick response ^^

Im having some small issues understanding how to do this but Ill keep playing with it,
The part I mostly don't get is where the heck do I put the .xml file for the
level editor to find it?

Ok, after much poking and prodding I have finally figured it out... I think.
I got it to woke once so I can probably do it again ^^

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