Want to know what's up there?

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Want to know what's up there?D0SBoots03/31/2009 - 05:19

I was really curious about what's on all those signs in the World of Goo corporation. Since I'm better at Python than I am at World of Goo, I took a slightly... different approach to the problem. Normally, you could never build a tower that's 150 links tall, because it would collapse long before you finished. But if you could build it all in one instant...


You have to replace your pers.dat file to load something in the World of Goo Corporation. (It's not like add-on levels.) The excellent guide at http://goofans.com/dev/fileformats/profile will tell you where to look for yours. BE SURE YOU BACK UP YOUR ORIGINAL PERS.DAT FIRST!!! My synthetic one has no levels cleared, so you'd be really sad if you overwrote your game with it. Other than that, it should be "safe" to use - online play is disabled. And even if you re-enable it, the tower collapses in about 10 seconds, so it won't be breaking any records. :)

Note that weird things will happen if you actually try to play with the tower after. I'm not sure if that's because no levels are cleared, (so you have zero legitimate goo balls to play with,) or because the balls have more links than they "ought" too. Resetting seems to work OK, though. Have fun!

Re: Want to know what's up there?XDboy03/31/2009 - 09:12

...or you can just look at the level and it's signs in wogedit ;)

...or if you want to reach it easily ingame play around with the gravity value...
...or modding the goo balls, to be stronger or something.
there are many ways to cheat your way to the top.

and yep, don't save it online if you do such tricks, that'd be evil.  ;)