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Addin file formatdavidc11/05/2008 - 22:36

Hello Goo fans!

I've been busy working on a tool to merge addins into the game to support modding and new levels. It's currently called GooTool and I'll be releasing a demo version of it later today.

In order to load addins I've devised a file format which I am now opening up for comments. It's based on a Zip file container, an XML addin descriptor, XSLT transforms for the encrypted XML files, and override images/resources.

Please have a look and give me feedback. Obviously I'd like this to become something of a community standard so things like wogedit can create .goomod files.

Here it is:


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Re: Addin file formatdavidc11/06/2008 - 10:02

Update: I've added a "compile" directory which contains files for GooTool to encrypt automatically. Originally I was intending that new files would be encrypted in advance and put into the override directory, but this would require different versions of an addin for Mac and PC.

Re: Addin file formatxXLordRobiXx12/14/2008 - 15:09

Well, I think I speak for all users here, which aren't that informed about XML/BIN Files:
Just stop complaining and start explaing!  ::)
:-\ It suxx to see tons of threads where you and some other guys talk about:
"Well, it's very easy! Look at my text, which you won't understand after finish reading it for 10 years! :o Hooray!"
How is that supposed to help us?  ??? I vistited your site. It's just like the Australian Outback. BORING. Only Facts, nothing explained. Thats like you tell someone about the features your new game will have when he/she/it doesn't know it! (Example.)

My questions are now:
-How do I convert my level into a GOOMOD File?
-How do I encrypt/decrypt XML or BIN Files (Still don't get really the differences.)?
-If those kilometres long codes can actually do something, how do I handle with them?
-Are the whole codes available in the "GooTool"?
-"For the moment you will need to create a Zip file of the necessary structure by hand and rename it to have a goomod file extension." - Fine, but how?

So you see it's more confusing than helping. Normally, I'm that kind of guy who understands everything or teaches the stuff himself, but not this time, sadly.
You could explain it on german, maybe then I could understand this (Private Message me!).
All of you who also don't understand something: KEEP ASKING!

Finally finished flaming, xXLordRobiXx

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Re: Addin file formatdavidc12/15/2008 - 17:56

Ah well you're very welcome.

Those pages weren't intended to explain how to create an addin. They were to garner (developer) community feedback and consensus on an appropriate addin format.

I'll be sure to put your concerns on my action item list, I really appreciated your friendly feedback.