Unable to locate World of Goo / PPC Mac, Java 5

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Joined: 03/17/2009

I am unable to locate World of Goo.

1. GooTool complains, and tells me that I will have to locate it manually.
2. I then see a "spinning barber pole", and I never get a file dialog window.

System: PPC Mac, 10.5.8, Java 5.


Ahh, so here's an oddball for you. I had the .dmg there, not the unpacked app.

Putting the app itself, and GooTool finds it no problem.

But it's still the case that GooTool -- neither 1.01 nor 1.03 -- would bring up the dialog box when I didn't have the app where it was expected.

NB: I had no problem using GooTool about 3 years ago (maybe more), so this might have something to do with leftover preferences pointing to a non-existent location (like an unmounted dmg)