Strange image placement issue with WoG Editor

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Joined: 02/09/2009

There is an image that I'm trying to place at a particular location. If I place the image were it appears that it should go in the editor, it actually shows up in a different location in-game.

To make the image show up the desired location I must place it at a position of 55,1962 in the editor. My original attempt placed the image at 55,2340. So there is a 378 unit shift between what shows up in the game and what appears in the editor.

Obviously, this does not effect all the previous images I placed or the shift would been noticed sooner. I've already placed a substantial amount of geometry and a few images. Those have all lined up correctly.


Never mind. I forgot that I moved some of my compositegeoms to a new location. I forgot to update the imagepos for these compositegeoms. This made it appear that my new image was too high.