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A's Profile
Events witnessed:
  • Connected to online leaderboard
  • World Of Goo Corporation opened
  • Whistle found
Levels played: 27
Balls collected: 465
Total time played: 3 hours 36 min
World of Goo Corporation
Balls available: 168 total
168 bound
0 free
0 new
Construction: 103 nodes
265 strands
Height: 14.57m
World of Goo Corporation Construction
Official Levels
OCD Balls Moves Time
Going Up-1 balls1040:42
Small Divide-1 balls1590:43
Hang Low-6 balls16121:11
Impale Sticky-7 balls35221:34
Flying Machine+58 time661:14
Ivy Towers-8 balls8563:31
Tumbler-18 balls17362:36
Fisty's Bog+4 moves10181:44
Tower of Goo-21 balls47673:28
Chain-6 balls19513:01
Ode to the Bridge Builder-19 balls19452:47
Regurgitation Pumping Station+76 moves01186:47
Drool-2 balls22231:37
Fly Away Little Ones-3 balls9802:29
Blustery Day-7 balls11804:03
Welcoming Unit-13 balls48192:37
Beauty School+121 time18152:22
Leap Hole+16 time8110:29
Volcanic Percolator Day Spa+70 moves181006:28
Beauty and the Electric Tentacle-11 balls18744:20
Whistler+26 time2620:55
The Red Carpet+15 moves18606:58
Genetic Sorting Machine+96 moves131206:13
Burning Man+13 moves6242:25
Second Hand Smoke-13 balls12211:57
Super Fuse Challenge Time-11 balls21231:02
Upper Shaft-30 balls15643:37
0 / 27 465 1,160 76:50