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2FAST4U's Profile
Events witnessed:
  • Connected to online leaderboard
  • World Of Goo Corporation opened
Levels played: 10
Balls collected: 246
Total time played: 7 hours 45 min
World of Goo Corporation
Balls available: 140 total
99 bound
41 free
0 new
Construction: 68 nodes
164 strands
Height: 5.94m
World of Goo Corporation Construction
Official Levels
OCD Balls Moves Time
Going Up+0 balls1130:22
Small Divide+0 balls1680:45
Hang Low+0 balls2261:10
Impale Sticky+0 balls42141:06
Flying Machine+0 time6110:16
Ivy Towers+0 balls16452:07
Tumbler+0 balls35441:27
Fisty's Bog+2 moves11161:09
Tower of Goo-6 balls62461:53
Chain+0 balls25423:06
8 / 2 246 235 13:21