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Burning Man Extended

Hey everyone! Welcome to a new series I will be starting (and hopefully continuing) The Extended Levels! This when I get a main level from the original game and I make it longer, hints the name extended.

My Goal for this project is not to just copy pre-made levels and modify it, but to add my own ideas in. Please, do comment what level I should "extend" next Wink

Created By DemonGamer:

Hanging Down

The sequel for a level i submitted to a contest that isn't even finished. Woo!
(smol bit of spoilers for the contest)

Main part

Hey! it's Volcanojungle!

This is a new and simple level with a big sawblade who come from nowhere in the middle of nowhere. But some goos too were in middle of nowhere, and the pipe is on the other side of the deadly spinning blade...

Grpahics from World of Goo 1/2: Gooey Goo
Sawbalde: SeraphimGWS

Balls required to finish the level: 6
OCD: 18 balls (my personal best, but i think 20 or more is possible)

the shattered piece filled city
title for my earlier mod

i made this inspired by gooeys level Graceful Highrise

Orange Juice
Oranges tree

This is my level in which I decided to make a new gooball that is an orange and the good thing is that these can stick just like the pokey and my new gooball have a much nicer appearance. Smile

GOL: 5 ball (easy Wink )
TOC: 38 (But you will have to burst the beauty)

And you can comment if you want more easier my level Tongue

Le icon.

Ocean level has risen and only some mountains are high enough to be on top. Find your way to the pipe and enjoy a simulation of playable UtilChapter2 Gooballs (yes i did that, curiosity got me).

OCD is 44 Gooballs.

Required? 8.

Going Up V2

How many balloons does it take to lift an anvil?

We will never know...

The Forest
Main part

Hey! It's Volcanojungle!

I created a level called "The Forest" but i think "the Forest Entrance" is better. Anyways the addin is called TheForest.

If you wait a bit (maybe...) you could ear (and see) a big boulder rolling on your gooballs.

Balls needed to finish the level: 10
OCD: 48 balls

Credits: SerafimGWS for the sawblade Smile

Deadly trees

be careful on the way to the pipe
these trees have "special" goos, and when I say special I mean poisonous and deadly also keep an eye on the spikes...

(sorry for my bad english i used google translator)

also, i hide some goo products in this level, good luck to find them

The Last Of Them
A part of the level.

Here we go again...

OCD is 8 gooballs. This is a fairly simple level.
INCLUDES; a custom background, new "goo".