Blue Haze

Authors: Liyuan, 1305235330, gooey goo
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Latest version: 1.3.1
Release date: 08/03/2017 - 20:55
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My first chapter, the story took place in a beautiful night, the first part of this chapter is my sun trilogy, Smile I have a big plan, but I am not sure the rest will be completed two chapters : p (Fortunately, Lihe is making the next chapter at an alarming rate, and it will probably be released this month, and it will have no less than 15Level and a full story )

Level list:
1. Night fell
2. Inside the Moon
3. Moon and fire
4. The Dream of the night
5. Blue ivy Revolution
6. Blue ivys Tower
7. Chasing the sun
8. Blue company
9. Contiunous Windmill
10. Blue Haze!
You can play hidden checkpoints through WoGEditor
Have fun!

Version History
Change 1 OCD,and 1 new level.

improvement Contiunous Windmill,and 1 new level

Fix 1 BUG,Minor change

Special thanks:
lihe:made new ball, and Blue Ivys Tower
Gooey Goo: help me Pack, a Pack helper
.SlipKnoT._2_2: He didn't pack it, but He did it.
I use the custom music here:
I don't know whether it is copyrighted or not. If yes, please reply below and I will try to replace it

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