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Hi, I'm Liyuan! I first met WOG in the summer of 2009. And I left it after finishing the game. A few years later, I found this website. I can't believe this little game has so much fan levels. I play some of them and complete all of the OCD that I like and can achieve. It makes me more obsessed with the game than I used to be. My skill has also been greatly improved. Then I met Lihe online, and we planned to make a chapter with complete story, which is Blue Haze.

I've had a lot of achievements in this game now. I collected more than 1500 balls in original game, completed Bubble Quest and Whack Pack full of OCD, and broke several world records. I believe that I am a good player.

Do you want to make friends with me? You can contact me in GooFans Discord.

World of Goo

Towers by Liyuan
Namesort iconUpdatedHighest TowerBalls CollectedPlay Time
CheatingTue, 01/03/2017 - 06:020.00m199,9982 min 3 sec
CheatingTue, 01/03/2017 - 23:322.31m399,9965 min 12 sec
LiyuanTue, 01/03/2017 - 00:0733.14m1,3251 week 3 days
LiyuanMon, 09/20/2021 - 22:1640.71m1,5264 weeks 6 days
LiyuanWed, 11/15/2023 - 04:4440.71m1,5326 weeks 2 days
Addins by Liyuan

World of Goo: Lihe and Liyuan's Planet

Hello.Lihe Planet is a long-completed project.
In fact, it was completed a year ago.One of the reasons we don't release it is that it's partially basic and some people say it's not fun.Before Liyuan might leave,
we decided to improve the level.Almost all of the levels were made by Lihe,
and I made a few minor changes.I hope you enjoy it.|The goomod contains five chapters.
For some reason, we decided to publish it in chapters.Chapter 1 is now available.Tongue

Unlike Blue Haze, the OCD in this chapter makes little use of bugs.Laughing out loud

Version 1.0

-New Chapter 1!
-9 new levels!


(This level and the associated settings have been abandoned)

Hello! After Blue Haze, Lihe and I had a bigger plan. The new chapter is tentatively named The sun and The hell. There is a single level, which is made by Lihe, and I perfected it. It demonstrates a lucky box, a fan, and a ball that moves in the opposite direction.
If you have any good ideas, please reply below. Thank you!

Flame space

(This level has been abandoned)

This level shows a simple trap, have fun!

Blue Haze Part2: Blue Revolution


Note: This goomod is no longer supported and the setting of this chapter has been abandoned. More plans are in the works.

This chapter was made last year, and Lihe made it at a phenomenal rate after the completion of Part1. We are satisfied with it. I'm sure it won't disappoint you. :)The story is in a beautiful town with auroras. It contains 20 levels and a complete plot.

Level List
1.Aurora Lights
2.Pokey Path
3.The Blue Ballon Flight
5.Blue Chain
6.Faster Building in Blue
7.Ode to Snowy Bridges Builder
9.The Fantastic Fuses

Blue Haze Remastered Version


Blue Haze Remastered Version is available now!

How does the Remastered Version differ from the original one?
- All levels have been redesigned
- Almost completely different four levels
- A new and complete story line
- More reasonable difficulty
- A new kind of ball
- Remove a lot of irrational design
- More fitting OCD
- Different ID

Out the Inferno

This is a stove!
My hell!
Horrible big head,
Look for the one who helps us
Today the third level,
Hope you like.

Dark Challenge

It's so dark here!
I found the mouse invisible!
You see the flashlight,
And bones!
With these three things
Pass this level!

TIPS: This is my second today

Frozen Ice Ball

level main

Today to bring you the first level is
As you can see,
the beauty cannot be broken,
otherwise it will cause the support to collapse!!
If your eyes are not blind,
you can see a lot of small beauty on the left.
But if you want to finish OCD,
you have to break it!
This is a dilemma...

Blue breaking:Entering

(This level has been abandoned)

A long, it is made of Lihe, but for this I add a lot of authority, I believe this is very good.

In the game you will meet three regions. First, there are many cliffs here, the moon hanging high in the sky. Second, a pool of antigravity completely, you should make full use of the gear in the final.

Use your power! How much can you collect the ball? If you think there is a mistake, or somewhere can't pass, please reply to below.

·inspiration comes from the "Geometry Dash".

Blue Haze Experiments

You heard me, this is just an experiment...
I'm Lihe, I didn't make this level
The author is Liyuan, today I sent this long abandoned level to send!
Thank you for your level, please download,
Thank you for your support!
To secretly tell you this super cool Oh
Let's get started!
Lihe written 2017 sticky February 23rd


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