Blue Haze Part2: Blue Revolution

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Updated: Fri, 01/05/2024 - 23:09

Note: This goomod is no longer supported and the setting of this chapter has been abandoned. More plans are in the works.

This chapter was made last year, and Lihe made it at a phenomenal rate after the completion of Part1. We are satisfied with it. I'm sure it won't disappoint you. :)The story is in a beautiful town with auroras. It contains 20 levels and a complete plot.

Level List
1.Aurora Lights
2.Pokey Path
3.The Blue Ballon Flight
5.Blue Chain
6.Faster Building in Blue
7.Ode to Snowy Bridges Builder
9.The Fantastic Fuses
10.Against Windmill
11.Temperature Mostly Colder
12.Breaking and Building
13.Strange Red Ice
14.Push it Out
15.Blue Haze Air Ballon
16.The Most Important Glue Holder
17.The Challenge of Thorns and Fire
18.Explorer of Hut
19.Up Up Up
20.Company Telescope

This chapter is a sequel to the Blue Haze,t he second part of our solar trilogy, and I recommend it to be installed with Blue Haze Part1:
.Chapter 3 is not so fast, not so fast, because it's a huge plan.

Version History
Fix a BUG.

Fix the 18th level is too difficult

Fix a BUG

Change 2 OCD

Add hints, change OCD, add particle effects, the tower's horizontal moon can block the ball, and many more subtle changes!

Fixing level14 is too difficult,change OCD,small changes.

An updated version
In the original biue haze part2, five levels were deleted because of the lack of playability. I, liyuan, want to readd the different five levles. The goal is to solve the drama transition and add some of the ball's use, as well as some minor changes.

Please actively demonstrate your achievements to help us improve OCD.
Have fun!Smile

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Blue Chain
Against Windmill
Breaking and Building
Temperature Mostly Colder
Blue Haze Air Ballon
Explorer of Hut

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