Blue Haze Remastered Version

coverAuthors: Liyuan, 1305235330, gooey goo
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Release date: 08/15/2023 - 21:51
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Note: This chapter is complete. The previous setting for this chapter and part 2 have been completely abandoned. So don't install any goomod I made before to avoid unnecessary trouble. I also don't recommend playing any of my previous goomod.

Blue Haze is set as an alternative chapter for Chapter 2. It has ten night-themed levels. It is an optional branch after the ending of Chapter -1. And its ending is linked to Chapter 3 of original game.

How does the Remastered Version differ from the original one?
- All levels have been redesigned
- Almost completely different four levels
- A new and complete story line
- More reasonable difficulty
- A new kind of ball
- Remove a lot of irrational design
- More fitting OCD
- Different ID

Blue Haze was my first chapter. However, I was rather unhappy with it when the first version of the chapter was made. After it was redesigned, it is the only one I recognize in the goomod I made myself now. This chapter contains redesigns of levels, art and story that have been refreshed, hope you enjoy it!

Version History
- Release version

- Fixed a bug in the setting that allowed you to easily get the OCD of a level

- Fixed decorations of level 10 that were missing in the previous version
- Change the OCD of level 3, level 6, and level 10
- In the level "Landslide", the gear falls faster now.

- Level 10 Changed: The use of ivy for thwacking has been banned. Deleted 12 balls at the top. Changed the ID of the level in case someone has already collected extra balls.

- Updated the appearance of the chapter map
- Change the OCD of level 7
- Fixed a bug that reloading different levels could cause new pipe to display incorrectly

- Adjust difficulty of level "Landslide" again
- Adjust particle effect of some levels

Special thanks:
Lihe: He produced amazing art for this chapter. I couldn't have done this great work without him.
And thanks to gooey goo and. SlipKnoT._2_2 supported me a few years ago.
And every player of this chapter Smile

I use the custom music here:

World of Goo New Chapter Blue Haze Remastered OCD Walkthrough
World of Goo New Chapter Blue Haze Remastered OCD Walkthrough
by Liyuan.

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There are 4 screenshots.

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2.1AllFri, 08/11/2023 - 22:17com.goofans.Liyuan.BlueHazeRemastered.goomod11.81 MB85
2.0AllFri, 08/11/2023 - 20:28com.goofans.Liyuan.BlueHazeRemastered.goomod11.81 MB130

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