World of Goo: Lihe and Liyuan's Planet

Authors: 1305235330, Li WOG Team, Liyuan
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Latest version: 1.0
Release date: 07/30/2019 - 08:40
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Hello.Lihe Planet is a long-completed project.
In fact, it was completed a year ago.One of the reasons we don't release it is that it's partially basic and some people say it's not fun.Before Liyuan might leave,
we decided to improve the level.Almost all of the levels were made by Lihe,
and I made a few minor changes.I hope you enjoy it.|The goomod contains five chapters.
For some reason, we decided to publish it in chapters.Chapter 1 is now available.Tongue

Unlike Blue Haze, the OCD in this chapter makes little use of bugs.Laughing out loud

Version 1.0

-New Chapter 1!
-9 new levels!
-6 new balls!

There are 5 screenshots.

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