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Hi I am Toxic Goo, I love world of goo. I is my favourite game ever! I first played it on the wii as a child and it blew my mind! (At that time I was never able to get to chapter 4 because I already used all my skips lol) Then as I became a teenager, I discovered world of goo on the App Store. Right now I have every level complete with ocd (except for the final one of course) on my device. Then I made fan made teasers of world of goo2 and said that they were official, I trolled my friends and family with that, of course. Then my friend (who is GooWhua here) said that there is a website where I can create my own world of goo. I was shocked! Then I realized I needed a desktop when I tried downloading it on my labtop. So I got a computer and it took me half a year to realise in need to be signed into goo fans to upload it when it is complete. I created my account, Toxic Goo (I made my YouTube account before so I can get help from gooey goo) and here I am!

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WOG: Code Red


World Of Goo Code Red Is In Beta And Has 1 Chapter.

Download Link:

Special Thanks To Gooey Goo And Toxic Goo For Helping Me Along The Way

Ver 1.0
-Chapter 1 is released!
-5 new levels!
-5 new gooballs!
Green Goo
Red Goo
Yellow Goo
Blue Goo
Security Goo

Make Sure To Join The WOG Discord!
enjoy Smile

World of Goo: Lost in Paradise

LiP Icon

Well well well...
The long awaited Lost in Paradise is out!!
The goomod is HUGE so it is broken into different parts (Chapter 2 is split into 2 parts aswell.... big chap!)
Comment Tongue when you download it!

There is also a gooball texture pack:

And a new Sun Texture!

-SlipKnoT packed chapter 1
-Gooey Goo invented mechanics for the titan snatcher goo
-Jim2102 and Gooey Goo playtested

If Tower Of Goo Had Predators...

It is exactly what it sounds.. predators make the tower of goo level WAY harder! I made this because I was bored...


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