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Welcome to my profile.

Sometimes I do stuff. Yeah. People keep adding me as an additional author and I don't know why.

My biggest project is currently in development. You can play it here as development progresses:

Here's some links to stuff...
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World of Goo

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ToxicGooSat, 12/15/2018 - 18:5013.35m9712 weeks 4 days
ToxicGooSat, 11/02/2019 - 19:3512.51m7432 weeks 7 hours
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Going Up Cool (big mess)

OCD, yes

Hey! It's Volcanojungle!

I created this level for fun and... it's fun to play (not to get the OCD lol)

Gooballs from... lot of people!

Gooballs from:

World of Goo: The Unknown World

Before you continue, The Unknown World is continuing development during, as well as after, is archived. Do not panic!! While I may not be able to upload the new chapters or give updates, everything will be available somewhere. I'll be certain to find a spot where new chapters for The Unknown World can be downloaded from. I'll let you know via my youtube channel


This is an unofficial version of World of Goo 2008

Origins (Short Mod Preview)


A short and simple level with the main emphasis of a theme. Some may remember a short Chapter mod called "Code Red" that I once contributed to a while back. You may also notice the goo balls used in this level are from Code Red.

Dead Swamp

That is something like an a level from my (not fully) unofficial DLC (something like addon) for UKW
Brutal bone by me, Hermit Snatcher (bone-monster goo in "wheel") by Toxic Goo, Wheel image by me and Toxic Goo, BG by me and Super Many, all other GFX stuff are by me (serafimGWS)

uploaded by LuckyGooツ

Cyber Storm (Hard)

Cyber Storm

A difficult thwacking-based standalone level. You only have five ivy gooballs, and you must climb vertically through a dangerous zone full of gears and even black holes. Enjoy! (This level was tough to playtest, it was meant to be uploaded sooner)

Various images in this level are used from Unknown World, as well as the song. The song in this level was composed by Adrian122, and is part of the Unknown World OST which you can find on soundcloud here:
The song is named "Cyber Projectile"

Ver 0.1:

Valley Adventure

That level based on theme of 2nd chapter of UKW.
All images is free to use. Thx to Toxic goo for predator

Misanthropical Manor (Hard)


You shouldn't be here.

Yes yes, I know. Halloween was a while ago. This was uploaded late because I was busy and also had a miserable Halloween this year. Anyway, this is a hard stand-alone level that I made out of sheer boredom! I recommend you try it out, this took forever to test myself.

World Of Goo: The Anomaly Lands

Map World View


This mod was made by SerafimGWS and Monochrome_95, compiled by Toxic Goo


Astronauts from the future landed on a new planet and they did the job
to clean the entire planet from anomalies resulting from toxins that have accumulated in a long time.


3 Chapters are done.


- Chapter 1 has been updated, we have added OCD flags to the map.
- We made Chapter 2, and you can download it right now.
- In Chapter 2 you can play in 10 levels.
- Added a cutscene to Chapter 1.

Toxic Ball Styles


This ball style mod changes all of the original game gooballs to goopy, green and creepy gooballs. The design of the gooballs are based on Chapter 3 of World Of Goo: The Unknown World. The new textures are all based around the colours green, red and black.

The Unknown World Alpha Version [Discontinued, see desc.]


This download page and the contents are discontinued. The remaster is hosted on a new addin page.



This is an unofficial version of World of Goo 2008

Gooey Goo and Toxic Goo are VERY proud to present World of Goo: The Unknown World!
A direct sequel to BOTH World of Goo 1/2 AND Lost In Paradise!

The mod is not downloadable on this site due to the large size, so use the link here and make sure you know what you are downloading!


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