The Unknown World Alpha Version [Discontinued, see desc.]

Icon!Authors: Toxic Goo, gooey goo
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Updated: Sun, 06/27/2021 - 18:46

This download page and the contents are discontinued. The remaster is hosted on a new addin page.



This is an unofficial version of World of Goo 2008

Gooey Goo and Toxic Goo are VERY proud to present World of Goo: The Unknown World!
A direct sequel to BOTH World of Goo 1/2 AND Lost In Paradise!

The mod is not downloadable on this site due to the large size, so use the link here and make sure you know what you are downloading!

After defeating Superpredator X and a year passes, a mysterious person asks you to help them explore another planet! During landing however, your ship crashes and you fall into the sea... you wake up, on the shoreline, you can still see various goo species from your ship scattered everywhere.. your objective is to rebuild your ship and wrangle as many goo as you can... can you survive on this Unknown World?


Ver.0.1 The First Version
Chapter 1 is here!
-25 levels
-LiP goo return!
-New gooballs!
-1 Bossfight!
-1 Challenge Level!

Ver.0.2 The Lost Colony Update
Chapter 2 is here!
-25 levels
-1/2 goo return!
-Predator goo return!
-New gooballs!
-1 Bossfight!
-1 Challenge Level!

Ver.0.3 The Uncanny Horror Update
-Chapter 3 is here!
-25 new levels
-More predators arrive!
-New gooballs!
-1 Challenge level!
-Chapter 1 and 2 are heavily updated!

Ver.0.4 The Hot And Cool Update
-Chapter 4 is here!
-25 new levels!
-New Gooballs!
-1 Challenge level!
P.S. You will need to update part 1 as well.

Ver.0.7 The Lore Galore Update
-All signposts have been massively updated!
-Visual updates for Chapter 1 map!
-Multiple level changes, both easier and harder!
-Proper Chapter 3 bossfight explosion!
-Background animations for Chapter 4!
-Versions downgraded to 0.# to make more sense.
-Update part 1 as well!

Ver.0.75 The Cleanup Update
-This could be the biggest update yet!
-Several new striking visual improvements and updates to feed your eyes!
-Fancy new ambient sound effects!
-New songs included, too!
-Two new challengers approach.. minibosses? They are optional challenges that are difficult to find!
-General new bug fixes and improvements included!

Ver.1 The Calamitous Chronicle Update
-Chapter 5 Part 1 is here!
-25 new levels!
-New Gooballs!
-1 Challenge level!
-Chapter 5 Part 2 not included. Stay tuned for the remaster!

Newest Patch
-Ver.1 The Calamitous Chronicle Update

Play The Previous Addins!

Unknown World is part of Gooey Goo and Toxic Goo's connected gooverse! Make sure you played the two previous addins that led up to this one! It is a double sequel, after all...

Gooey Goo:
World of Goo 1/2:

Toxic Goo:
World of Goo Lost In Paradise:

There are 17 screenshots.

Main Menu changes colour!
How it all begins!
Explore the Oceanic Bay!
Watch the sunset!
Trek the Sun-Scorched Valley!
Explore the wreckage!
Venture through the Tar Tunnels!
Enter the Twilight Swamp!
Watch out for toxic fumes!
Travel through the fog!
Explore the Frag Lands!
View the blinding moonlight!
Enter the Crimson Ravine!
Venture the Undisclosed Woods!
Escape from the Predators!
Uncover the mysteries!

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