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WoG after 150 years


hello I come to present you my new future goomod
WoG after 150 years

after 150 years the planet of the goo is not in suitable conditions and they are going to look for a spaceship to go to a new planet and the old goocorp would be contaminated in a couple of years.(spoiler they are going to the moon and not to another planet but it is for something that will be seen much later)

Chapter 1 snow-filled mountains: has 8 new levels and 6 new goo
Chapter 2 the abandoned factory has 9 levels and 4 gooballs although I have done all the levels

long level



I know it's been a while since I last updated
but i came back today with a new goomod

I hope you like it does not have anything new just reuse a custom goo made by me


a level

I don't have time to do good things, but this is what I was able to do in my spare time.
I could not put
WoG screenshots because I took screenshots, but it's strange. I tried to correct the error, but I can't if you know what to do tell me. please

Merry Christmas

como lo edite

it's my custom level of WOG it's christmas i hope you like it

electric bridge

playing mod

It is one of my second levels late in fixing bugs and has a new gooball


this is my first goomod is a level made by me enjoy it


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