WoG after 150 years

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hello I come to present you my new future goomod
WoG after 150 years

after 150 years the planet of the goo is not in suitable conditions and they are going to look for a spaceship to go to a new planet and the old goocorp would be contaminated in a couple of years.(spoiler they are going to the moon and not to another planet but it is for something that will be seen much later)

Chapter 1 snow-filled mountains: has 8 new levels and 6 new goo
Chapter 2 the abandoned factory has 9 levels and 4 gooballs although I have done all the levels
Chapter 3 the dangerous volcano and the forest
Chapter 4 the new information superhighway
Chapter 5 the polluted city
extra chapter the artificial moon

over time the textures will improve etc and a chapter will be made for you and some levels
bye I hope you support me;)
sorry for my bad English

Edit:I leave the first levels of the chapters

Edit 2:
Hello goofans
I am happy to give you this news
I am looking for a WOG programmer as well as someone who knows how to animate and also creator of music and images also if you want me to put one of his gooballs leave me in the comments and you can send all that on one page and send it to me in the comments
I hope you want to support me; D
NOTICE: Violent content, strong language, or +18 is not allowed.

chapter 1 will be released in 2 months do not despair; It is a beta the textures will be half flat.

edit 3:
sorry for being idle on mod updates but i took a vacation and apart from school it is time consuming but i hope to upload theme updates on Fridays
have a good day and I'll be back very soon

a question
how do you say ñ in english

Thursday February 10, 2022:

1.-maybe they are not interested in my personal life but my pc where I used the mod died and now I use a very shitty pc and since I live in PINCHE LATAM I don't have much money so the mod will take a long time to arrive.

2.-I have the levels saved I lost chapter 4 that was in development and a lot of the mod, the good thing is that the hard drive is intact the bad thing is that I don't move internal components of my pc

I want to speak English and not use the shitty google translate

19/09/2022 ya perate puto México deja de temblar XD

á é í ó ú ñ ü


something is cooming(FAKE)

# 12/12/23

- What if I cancel it?, it's not a joke, it's going to come out in 99999999 AD
nono, I plan to recover what I managed to rescue from the mod, but I will try to do it again and I will probably finish it (if I can) until the end of 2025 (or early-mid 2026), the wog 2 trailer inspired me to continue with this, and if by chance it manages to come out on the expected date , comment this emoji: (damn, I can't put the moai or use markdown)

Possible release date of the alpha of chapter 1: June 10, 2024
2nd Possible release date of the alpha of chapter 1: July 25, 2024
3rd Possible release date of the alpha of chapter 1: August 16, 2024

There are 34 screenshots.

(Chapte 1, snow land alpha version image)
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