World of Goo 1/2 (An Unofficial Sequel)

The even newer Author: gooey goo
Total downloads: 15,766
Latest version: 5.0
Release date: 08/05/2021 - 21:52
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This mod is in no way an official sequel to World of Goo

This is my very first chapter, and is soon to be part of a MWV! This addin contains:
-A new look for the MWV!
-A new first chapter!
-A new second chapter!
-A new third chapter!
-A new fourth chapter!
-17 new species of Goo!
-51 new levels!

Changes in Update 1.1, A.K.A The 1st Minor Update:
-Corrected "Mountian" to "Mountain"
-Changed update number "0.1" to "1.1"
-Changed title image for Chapter 1
-Renamed "Into Darkness" to "Into the Dark"

Changes in Update 2.0, A.K.A The Debugged Update:
-Chapter two is finally fixed!

Changes in Update 3.0, A.K.A The Industrious Update:
-Circular has now had a ball count change, from 5 balls to 3 balls!
-Several levels have had OCD changes!
-Chapter 3 is added!
-Chapter 2's cutscene works!

Changes in Update 4.0, A.K.A The Overdue Update:
-Chapter 4 is added!
-"Mainframe Matrix" and "The Core" have been altered to remove any buggy behavior due to time bugs.
-"The Core" has been undergone a slight change to resemble the original plan for the level.
-Chapter 1 should now have all "Mountians" corrected to "Mountains"

Changes in Update 5.0, A.K.A Technically It's An Update:
-"Official Release" has been removed from the thumbnail so people don't mistake this mod for something by 2D Boy or whatever.
-Fixed some minor text issues, such as mispellings and signs not working.
-2 levels were modified to resolve widescreen issues (there still may be levels with issues however).
-Listy has been given animations, as they were always meant to have.
-Meat and RotBombs have been given new particle effects.
-The creature from Chapter 2 has an updated texture (although the one from the cutscene is still the same).
-Rocks now have updated textures.
-A sign has been hidden in one of the levels containing a hidden passcode.
-The sound quality for music and cutscene sounds has been greatly reduced in order to decrease the file size, which means...
-The mod has now been reduced to a single goomod!

There are 18 screenshots.

The even newer
The new and improved World of Goo 1/2 logo!
Chapter 1!
The first thing you see from the first chapter
Some levels are pretty easy
Other levels are very difficult
Chapter 2!
The first thing you see from the second chapter
There's a whole bunch of stuff to explore
There's also new goo to discover
Chapter 3!
The first thing you see from the third chapter
Goo balls can now harness the power of electricity :D
And before you ask, yes. There is new goo
Chapter 4!
The first thing you see from the fourth chapter
Now with new signs, new objectives, and user-created levels
Features some unused goo too
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