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the shattered piece filled city

title for my earlier mod

i made this inspired by gooeys level Graceful Highrise

Big Vine

this is a level i created because i was board and still lonely so i made this one inspired by one of Kyle Gablers lost games

Going Up Cool (big mess)

OCD, yes

Hey! It's Volcanojungle!

I created this level for fun and... it's fun to play (not to get the OCD lol)

Gooballs from... lot of people!

Gooballs from:

im sorry mod pack

im sorry for being so annoying on discord

so you might be wondering why im not talking on the Goofans discord lately well its because i was been annoying to someone about something and some of my friends blocked me and now im very sad so i made those mods to have them back and i don't know how long is going to take for me to stop being annoying and for them to unblock me for because i really miss APearson and serafim because i was being annoying to them so here's a pack i made for them ho blocked me for no reason and i promise that i will improve my self a bit and hopefully things will be nicer again sorry for those that i bother

the information superhighway newer and retro level pack

just something inspired by Jhonen Vasquez

so i just made this mod on one of those invader zim games called No Straight Roads and it kind of reminds me of the information superhighway a bit so i made a level kit by my other old new friend Goomatz and he's like a British bunny friend of mine and i use the beauty for that new beautiful virtual underwater level aqua highway and ya its inspired by one of Monochrome's level called Surfing The Internet if you haven't played yet go ahead http://goofans.com/download/level/surfing-internet

Hang Towers


This level is combination of "Hang Low" and "Ivy Towers"

Idea by Daxperrin


inside the bin the gooballs are bean throwen away

a ISH version that I made with my friend my gom from the last level of chapter 1

decemberween tree

with new snow goo,s

hello there everyone I just made a Decemberween level for my newer friends

WoG BETA pack

free to download

hello chapes this is a beta pack I made feature the old BETA vershion of some of the WoG levels that are been made for a looooong time ago

big and tiny tower,s

one of theme are small with a help of the ballon goo's

a pack made by me and monochrome
if you want to have the little and the huge goo's that mono made Laughing out loud


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