the shattered piece filled city

title for my earlier modAuthor: daxperrin
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Release date: 03/19/2022 - 12:16
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i made this inspired by gooeys level Graceful Highrise
but now with boxes all over the place and why dose those buildings has faces on them and why are there alive well let me tell you there from the ISH along time ago after the the explosion of the world of goo corp wipe everything that the humans build destroyed all and for the information superhighway well let me just say it was completely ruined and bunch of its software's are completely wrecked apart bit by bit and for the bits of the ISH well lets just say they use them to build a town that was alive with faces on them that are talking and chatting to each other and what happens to the shards after they get used up well most of them say that someone will haft to remold some new ones too

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title for my earlier mod
with a new cube goo i created
with some earlier version of the block heads from the beta version of world of goo
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