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Hey! I'm Volcanojungle (you can call me Volcano) and I'm a World of Goo modder. I'm actually developping my Mod called "the Factory Lands" (for now called like this) and I really like creating levels Laughing out loud.

Don't hesitate to add me on discord (Volcanojungle#4053) to talk about World of Goo and ask me if you want help (i'm not the best, but i still can help you)

World of Goo

Towers by Volcanojungle

Volcanojungle hasn't uploaded any World of Goo Corporation towers.

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Dark River Remastered

Remastered Dark River

The old level sucked, so i decided to remake it, and i'm redoing every level from tFL chapter one too. Ocd is 7 balls. It does feature the fixed gunpowder goo too Smile

Rusty Ravine

Once again, another level I created for Volcanojungle's mod.

I didn't plan on releasing this, but the mod is currently in slow development and I just really love this level!

(assets created by Volcanojungle and Abyss)


I tried replicating the post-graphic fix of the 4th chapter.

I hope you enjoy it!

Abyssal Ruins

Another level I made for Volcanojungle's mod! Also a fun little thwack challenge

(assets created by Volcanojungle)

Extended Levels Contest

Hey everybody, these are the levels that were summited for my "Extended Levels Contest!" (Hosted by me, DemonGamer) Where players had to modify and extend a level from the original game.


Winner: Blazer88

2nd: samangamer1386
3rd: SerafimGWS
4th: Scarlet Fury/Gooballs Of Fire
5th: Liether345
6th: Said
7th: Volcanojungle

You can find a more in-depth review on the levels in the video description.

I hope you all had fun and thank you for participating Smile

Cave Opening

Well i made a random asset to show Timofey how to make a WoG asset and it turned out into a level...

how you enjoy it ^^

Balls required: 5

OCD: 26 balls

From Up There

the attempt

Hey guys... i know i shoud make hte contes thing but actually i'm kinda lazy and i wanted to make something cool in no time (25 minutes in total!)

So here's a level.. hope you guys like it!

I got 20 balls at my best (and only) attempt.

Forbidden Sector


Level for Volcanojungle's upcoming mod!

Thank you Volcanojungle for the waste assets Tongue

Trapped (a level for Octaviano)

Hey! It's Volcanojungle!!

Today (no xd it was like 5 month ago) i made a level for Octaviano!

I hope you will enjoy!

(i forgor the OCD)

Edit: OCD is 110 balls



Heyyyy! It's Volcanojungle!

Today I made a level for @STGOfficial1108 on Twitter (that's kind of a sequel of Dreamland)

Balls required:25

OCD:59 balls

I hope you enjoy my levels!!


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