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Hey! I'm Volcanojungle (you can call me Volcano).

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Lost Hill

Main part

Hey! It's Volcanojungle!

This is a tribute level to... Little Inferno!

I let you enjoy this super level!

OCD: 15 balls

Factory Investigation

Main part

Hey! It's Volcanojungle!

Big tennis asked me to make a level which have:

- the UpperShaft theme
- a BombShaft into
- and the name "facotry Investigation"

So i made it.

Ok, it's not the best level i made but I have school now and it's hard to do something when you have to do 1000 things at the same time lol.

I hope you will enjoy!

OCD: 9 balls

Climbing Tasks

Main part

Hey! It's volcanojungle!
This is a new ISH level that is pretty easy... but a big mess! Beware of gravity!

OCD: 25 balls... bit only can enter the pipe!

Tower of Albino Goo

main part

Hey! it's Volcanojungle

This is a simple level that is sometimes hard.

I hope you'll enjoy!


Hey! It's Volcanojungle!

This is a level dedicated to GMD DemonGamer who makes the video below.

Thanks to him for playing this level!

Balls needed to finish the level: 3

OCD: 15 balls

Custom ball: DemonBome (originally Bone but mistyping :/) DeadGoo/SkullGoo but with red eyes


main part

Hey! it's Volcanojungle!

Today i want ot publish a old level i made.

Very easy.

I hope you'll enjoy!

(dont remember the OCD :/)

Dark Themed Contest

Hey! The contest is finally here!


1st: SerafimGWS


SerafimGWS - Dark Swamp:
-17 points
Saman izadi (samangamer)- ChainReaction:
-15 points
pixelyne - Hello?:
-10 points
Crazydiamonde - Cave Of Illumination:
-8 points
Blazer88 - DeathChamber:
-8 points
Iodine-127 - Dreary Cavern:
-3 points

Thanks for participating!!

Tutorial Chapter

Hey! It's Volcaonjungle!

This is a chapter i made for a tutorial on youtube:links are below.

TheFactoryLands Final Version

first part

Hey! It's Volcanojungle!

this is a remake (the map only) of my previous chapter, also the only one i made, for now.

I finally finish the remake of my first chapter, theFactoryLands. Now, the chapter have a custom map, lot better than the previous one!

There are 12 levels on this chapter. All of them are on the site (goofans.com)

- W6
- Factory Entrance
- Gunpowder
- GunwpoderChallengeTime
- DarkRiver
- Pipeway
- Main Pipeline
- Main Drain
- Wasting
- Smoke Problem
- WasteStorageUnit
- IntotheWasteLandfill

Goofans Contest | 16/07/2021


This is contest in Western Theme!

Authors of the levels:

Blazer89 - Route 100
Volcanojungle - Gold Mine
Iodine-127 - Goo Canyon
Pixelyne - Ranchy's Long Western Road

Map music: Kevin MacLeod - Western Streets


Contest Winner: Volcanojungle !


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