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Hey! I'm Volcanojungle (you can call me Volcano) and I'm a World of Goo modder. I'm actually developping my Mod called "the Factory Lands" (for now called like this) and I really like creating levels Laughing out loud.

Don't hesitate to add me on discord (Volcanojungle#4053) to talk about World of Goo and ask me if you want help (i'm not the best, but i still can help you)

World of Goo

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Dark River

main place

Hey! It's Volcanojungle!

I created a new level who takes place in the heart of the Factory. A grey, dark and cog and gearfull Factory. A Factory who have many pipes. A lot of dangerous pipes.

Where do they come from?

Balls needed to finish the level: 9

OCD: 20 (very easy)

I hope you'll enjoy!

Edit: 0.2 fix a bug with the gunpowder balls

Gunpowder Challenge Time

Background (main part of the level)

Hey! It's Volcanojungle!

I finally finish that level (not copy of SuperFuseChallengeTime but only inspired)

Balls needed to finish the level: 15

Beware of Gunpowder Goos!

OCD: 40 balls

Edit: Version 1.0 fix a gunpowder ball bug (the strand dont burn, so i replace EVERY SINGLE goo by a copy who can burn) and modifiy some props


main place

Hi! It's Volcanojungle!

I created a new goo: the GunpowderFuseBall!

It's a Fuse Goo but grey and only one strand (Gunpowder burn also faster)

Balls required:5
OCD:15 balls

I hope you'll enjoy!

Edit: version 0.2 fix a bug with Gunpowder balls (the ball die of fire before the strand start to burn)

Evening Tower

Background (main part of the level)

Hey! It's Volcanojungle!

I created a level for fun (and for my desktop background)!

OCD:20 balls (easy)

I hope you'll enjoy!

Thanks to SerafimGWS for his/her BlackPokey Gooballs Smile

Ode to the Weather-Awared Bridge Builder (Welcome to the Meteorologic Station!)

Hey! It's Volcanojungle!

I finally finish and i want to thank SerafimGWS for his/her BlackPokey goo ball i used in this level.

You need 20 balls to finish the level and 50 for the OCd (personal best: 58 (screenshot))

Added video (i only reach 57 in the video)

Factory Entrance

Cinematic (pos4)

Hey! It's Volcanojungle!

I just finished a new level called Factory Entrance. It's an hard level and the OCD is 50 balls.

My personal best is 56 balls, that's why the OCD is 50.

I hope you'll enjoy it!

Windy Smoky

Hey! this is a little level (a remix of bluestery Day and FlyAwayLittlesOnes)

I hope you'll enjoy!

Cogs and Gears


Hi! This is a new level created by Volcanojungle!

This is a mix of UpperShaft and antoher level... don't remember which.

(P.S: I don't know how to change OCD and goo required)

Factory Smokes

Hi! This is one of my fisrt levels!
It's called Factory Smokes and it's a easier remake of Uppershaft with more goos and more bombs (and casually, more gears and fire).

I hope you'll enjoy!

(P.S.: don't pay attention to my english, he is very bad ^^' )

0.2: added OCD (30 balls) and up ball required for finishing the level to 5

Tower of Factory Goo


Hey! It's Volcanojungle!

It's one of my three first levels i ever created!

Goal: get up to the pipe with the GooProducts (in water (left)) and the other sleeping balls (right)

(P.S.: my english is VERY bad, so don't pay attention to english mistakes)

0.2: OCD added: 25 balls


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