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Hey! I'm Volcanojungle (you can call me Volcano) and I'm a World of Goo modder. I'm actually developping my Mod called "the Factory Lands" (for now called like this) and I really like creating levels Laughing out loud.

Don't hesitate to add me on discord (Volcanojungle#4053) to talk about World of Goo and ask me if you want help (i'm not the best, but i still can help you)

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Main place

Hey! It's Volcanojungle!

I just created a showcase level for the old Beta Ice Gooball!

I hope you'll enjoy my level!

Balls required to finish the level:4
OCD:20 balls but more is easy

Grass Cliff

Main part of the level

Hey! This is my first level with a entierly home made picture! (the old picture is UGLY! Beware for your eyes!)(the new one is WAY BETTER! thanks APerson Smile )

It's called GrassCliff and the file name is Cliff1. You can use it as you want but just credit me Smile

Never mind: credit APerson now he remake the texture of the cliff and it's way better!

Balls needed to finis the level: 10
OCD: 50 balls but 84 is possible (also the max possible)



Hey! It's Volcanojungle!

This is a Green-Red level.

OCD: 30 seconds (my personal best is 21s but i think less is possible)

Credit: Red ISH bush and Virus goo by ExchangeGOOtent



Hey! It's Volcanojungle!

This is the exit of the factory (one of the possible exits) and goo want to escape it.
With the help of a bombsticky and 4 Fuse, the goos will free other goo who were trapped into some waste.

Balls needed to finish the level: 10
OCD: 75 balls

Grass Islands

Start of the level

Hey! It's Volcanojungle!

This is a little and calm level who takes place in a two-island place

Balls required to finish the level: 5
OCD: 12 balls (i think 15 is possible, but hard)

Contain custom assets created by me. you can use them but plz credit me Smile

Fight One (antoher Arena level)

Main part of the level

Hey! It's time to fIGhT!

This is the first fight, but goos prefers to escape this fight and build up to the pipe.

Albino versus Fuse! tonight at 11 p.m. at the arena!

Balls needed to finish th level: 10
OCD: 40 balls (easter egg?)

I hope you'll enjoy!

Please rate and comment below!

Pizza Cutter (another Arena level)

The uNStaBlE pIZzA cUtTEr!

You like pizza? There's not pizza in this level... but there is a big Pizza Cutter! i wonder how you can use it!

Level created by Volcanojungle Smile

Balls required to finish the level:20
OCD: 50 balls


Main part

Hey! it's Volcanojungle!

This is a new and simple level with a big sawblade who come from nowhere in the middle of nowhere. But goos where too in middle of nowhere, and the pipe is on the other side of the deadly spinning blade...

Grpahics from World of Goo 1/2: Gooey Goo
Sawbalde: SeraphimGWS

Balls required to finish the level: 6
OCD: 18 balls (my personal best, but i think 20 or more is possible)

CutCutCutCutCut this Arena (another Arena level)

main part

Hey! It's Volcanojungle!

Today we are into the Arena, who now have it's own song... but not yet in the levels.

The sign painter don't like it and this level is pretty easy


Cut, Cut, Cut, Cut, Cut this Arena~ ah ah
Cut, Cut, Cut, Cut, Cut...

Uh this nusic is so loud...

Balls required to finish the level: 9
OCD: 36 moves or less

Sawblade Runner (an Arena level)

Main Sawblade Platform

Hey! It's Volcanojungle!

A new and pretty dark thing appaered in World of Goo: the Arena!

The Arena is a underground, crowd-filled and red place where goos must complete deadly challenges...

Today, albino goo will save the beauty and pass over a lot of SawBlADes!

Credits: music: Kyle Gabler: You Will be Evaluated Later, 7billion humans
Sawblades textures: SeraphimGWS Smile (thanks!)

Goo required to finish the level: 5
OCD: 100 moves or less


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