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Hey! It's Volcanojungle!

this is a remake (the map only) of my previous chapter, also the only one i made, for now.

I finally finish the remake of my first chapter, theFactoryLands. Now, the chapter have a custom map, lot better than the previous one!

There are 12 levels on this chapter. All of them are on the site (

- W6
- Factory Entrance
- Gunpowder
- GunwpoderChallengeTime
- DarkRiver
- Pipeway
- Main Pipeline
- Main Drain
- Wasting
- Smoke Problem
- WasteStorageUnit
- IntotheWasteLandfill

I hope you'll enjoy and a lot of thanks to Crazydiamonde for his help for the "coding" part of the chapter!!

Credits: music: Kyle gabler
Assets: Kylegabler+Volcanojungle
Goos: Kyle Gabler + Volcanojungle

TheFacotryLands Playthrough - Custom WoG Chapter - A Volcanojungle's Mod
TheFacotryLands Playthrough - Custom WoG Chapter - A Volcanojungle's Mod
by Volcanojungle.

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first part
the map
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