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Protected Relic

A proof of concept: When you wake a ball up, the floor explodes. This might violate the guidelines for being too small, but I feel like it could be expanded on, so I posted it here

World of Goo: Triangoolar

Update: Chapter 2 has been released! Download it below.
Make use of the triangle-shaped Goo Balls as you traverse this world! Triangoolar features 64 unique and fun-filled levels.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you download the music file first! Get it here:

Triangoolar's Discord Server:

Update 2.1: Fixed some dependency stuff
Update 2.0: Released chapter 2 and updated the Goo Balls!

Death Valley

A level which I decided to scrap, simply because it was too hard for me to complete. Someone else might be able to, though...

Keep your balance on the boulder, and make sure not to touch the ground. The goo balls are detachable, but you can't thwack them.

Triangoolar: Alternate Ending

If Triangoolar was a good mod, this is what it would look like.

World of Goo: Peaceful Volume 1


Hello. I did not upload an addin on this site in a long time. This addin is the start of the series by me called World of Goo: Peaceful. This was originally meant to be a Chapter, but for now it is a Level Pack because the chapter was BEYOND broken. I don't really want to talk about it, but just enjoy the level pack.

UPDATE January 14th 2021: IT IS A CHAPTER NOW!!! This would not be possible without CrazyDiamonde, who compiled it.


My Very First Level

This is a level I sketched on paper roughly 7 years ago, and I finally found it today. I created this level before I knew anything about GooFans, GooTool, WooGLE, or goomods in general, and it has incredible sentimental value to me. Imagine if my childhood self could see this...

Matching Colors

A pretty simple concept. Only red balls can touch red platforms, and only blue balls can touch blue platforms.

Other mechanics:
-Purple platforms kill everything except purple Goo Balls.
-Gray platforms kill nothing.
-Purple Goo Balls (not featured) don't die to anything.
-Gray Goo Balls die to everything except gray platforms.

Draggable Anchors

Good thing those balls are locked in place.

Whatever you do to this Goo Ball, it won't budge.

Things to know about the ball:
-It's not actually static, so occasionally it might not stick in place.
-If you let go of it, it'll just stay there.
-Don't let it near walls.

Huge Pokey

I'm not sure how big Pokeys can get, but this one has to be on the upper end of the scale.

The Sign Painter is Falling Up

A series of levels that explore the behavior of goo under different kinds of gravity.
The order is a bit ambiguous, so here's the intended order:
-Falling Down
-Weighted Down
-Rise and Fall
-Free Floating
-Escort Mission
-Uphill Both Ways


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