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I am a World of Goo content creator. I love to create YouTube videos for you Guys! <3 You can contact me on Discord or if you want to talk. ( my YouTube channel: )

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Extended Levels Contest

Hey everybody, these are the levels that were summited for my "Extended Levels Contest!" (Hosted by me, DemonGamer) Where players had to modify and extend a level from the original game.


Winner: Blazer88

2nd: samangamer1386
3rd: SerafimGWS
4th: Scarlet Fury/Gooballs Of Fire
5th: Liether345
6th: Said
7th: Volcanojungle

You can find a more in-depth review on the levels in the video description.

I hope you all had fun and thank you for participating Smile


Hey guys, this is just a simple level I whipped up in around one hour. At first I wasn't sure if I should publish it but I figured, why not Wink

A Special Place

Welcome to a place..

A place to visit when times are tough.
A place you can tell your stories to.
A place to let out your regret and sorrow.
A place to seek your help in need.
A place to feel cozy in the dark.
A place you can call home.
Welcome to a place..

Your special place..

Midnight Valley

Welcome to your not so complicated DemonGamer level. Basic theme, basic design, interesting gameplay.

Hope you enjoy Wink

Forbidden Sector


Level for Volcanojungle's upcoming mod!

Thank you Volcanojungle for the waste assets Tongue

Digital Mayhem

My first ISH level!

Not as complicated as some of my other levels but I still really like this!

Also, thank you James for the ISH pokey!

Rotten Wasteland

Another level part of the "Waste series"

Don't have anything much to say about this other than its definitely one of my best, if not, MY BEST. You can decide on that Wink

Also thank you to Volcanojungle for some of his assets that were used in the level.

Out of the Depths

Finally got out another level. This ones been in the works for sometime but due to midterms, school, and everything else in my personal life, I never found myself getting motivation to finish. Hope to get more levels out now that I am on Christmas Vacation for 3 weeks Wink

This is the first time I tried making an "art" level. I got some inspiration from fan2 who is also a fantastic art level creator. I am super impressed how well this turned out. Definitely my best level to date Smile

Contraption Configuration


Good luck to anyone who attempts this, its pretty difficult Wink

Note: This level is an unofficial squeal to a level called: Contraption Of The Year.

A Jim2102 tribute

Dedicated to Jim :)

This is another recreation of an already made level this time the level being made by Jim2102. This inspiration comes from his woogle level editor video that is now deleted so this was recreated all from memory.


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