Super Challenge Levels

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Welcome to the Super Challenge Levels! A series of buffed levels from inwog's 'Challenge Levels'

Things to note:

1. This level pack is quite old. I never had the chance to upload it since Goofans was down for a long time.

2. Some of the levels are better than others. Most of the beginning levels are pretty lazily put together since they didn't experiment with complex gameplay and decoration. This made them quite hard to buff. I was able to be more expressive with the later levels, my personal favoirtes: Mechanical Debris, Flame Cage, and Factory Climb.

3. Decoration was not the main priority!


- inwog for creating the original Challenge Levels
His profile:
Challenge Levels:

- Blazer for helping me create this into a level pack
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Have fun Laughing out loud

There are 12 screenshots.

Deadly Period
Ivy on Fire
Fly the Goos Through the Gears
Albino's Waterway
Beauty Busting Operation
Infection Connection
Flame Cage
Factory Climb
Mechanical Debris
The Ultimate Climb
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