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Poster of Challenge LevelsAuthor: inwog
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Release date: 05/08/2010 - 13:43
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A 10-set level pack Challenge levels that they are more fun than ever made by inwog. Click on the downloads button to install this goomod. The Sign Painter doesn't show up in all 10 levels

The levels in this goomod are:
1. Basic Period - the Challenge here is to Build through the pipe at the top-left corner. OCD is 24 Balls.
2. Sticky on Fire - the Challenge here is to avoid the fire so the Ivy balls won't be poisoned with the help of 3 Pokey balls. OCD is 17 Balls
3. Fly the Goos to the Sky - the Challenge here is to shift the left-most balloon quickly until it reaches to the pipe. OCD is 20 Seconds.
4. Albino's Bridge Passage - the Challenge here is to build a bridge but avoid Momentum parts of the water. OCD is 36 Balls.
5. Beauty Ball Buster - the Challenge here is to move the Beauty Ball to the left, except the beauty ball is moving to the right. OCD is 18 Moves.
6. Entering a Red Vine - the Challenge here is to Increase the Red Vine without the pilot balls dying. OCD is 26 Balls
7. Burning inside the Beauty Eyes - the Challenge here is to burn structure blocked by Beauty's Path. OCD is 9 Moves
8. Definite Factory Tower - the Challenge here is to build a tower that is high enough to reach the pipe. The Platform is flat. OCD is 62 Balls.
9. Destruction of a Dragon, Flames of Fury - the Challenge here is to explode the barricade to release the goo balls before the Dragons came back. OCD is 54 Balls.
10. The Final Challenge - the Challenge here is to bounce the 3 Beauty Balls to the pink ball buster gears. OCD is 115 Moves

This addin is available in English, Dutch, French, German, Italian and Spanish version! inwog's first popular addin.

Challenge Levels 2

Challenge Levels 2 is released
1. +10 levels
2. 15 Challenge Classes in 3 Difficulties
3. Signposts are goals and ocd
4. Graphics are now "planetary" - means all the images are planet-like
5. The addin is separated into 5 goomods.
Version 2.0
- first goomod release

Version 2.1
- edited all levels
- camera positions of Beauty Ball Buster, Definite Factory Tower and the The Final Challenge have a 2-position camera.
- OCD on The Final Challenge is now set at 115 Moves

Version 2.2
- edited all levels
- OCD values are changed (CL2, CL5, CL6, CL7, CL8 and CL9)

Version 2.3
- resource path for images and sounds reverts \ to /.
- edited some levels because some levels in this goomod may crash.

Other addins by inwog, see his profile

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Poster of Challenge Levels
Basic Period
Sticky on Fire
Fly the Goos to the Sky
Albino's Bridge Passage
Beauty Ball Buster
Entering a Red Vine
Burning inside the Beauty Eyes
Definite Factory Tower
Destruction of a Dragon, Flames of Fury
The Final Challenge
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