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I'm a new user. Nice to meet you.

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Electric Fragle hasn't uploaded any World of Goo Corporation towers.

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Electric Fragle's Halloween

I'm back!
The Halloween is over now,but I need to regret it.
Night balls CoolerCommon now is coming!It can light the dark!
Happy Halloween everyone!

Time Climb

My seventh level,I made a new level with the three balls I made.Have fun!
New gameplay:Beauty pipe can climb with stickies!
What the stickies?There's a easter egg hide in the level!

Underwater Mine

My sixth level,now Ivy Sticky has been onlined!
Like Common Sticky,but it's got its good points!
What's its good points?Find it on my added signpost!

Tenth Wheels

My fifth level.Dark...Horrible...And a new goo called Times!Turn on the wheel of death!

Explosion(temporarily removed)

Temporarily removed.Please understand

Fog Crisis

My third level,a speed challenge level?What happened if Common Sticky burned?

High Cliff

My second level is here!I add a new goo called Common Sticky.Use it can help you!

The Tower Of Sunset

My first level.


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