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Electric Fragle hasn't uploaded any World of Goo Corporation towers.

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Halloween Level Pack

My first level pack,now in halloween!
Warning:Something wrong when I prepare my level.At present,I decompose my level pack into four levels.Sad

Spring in the bloom

Spring is beginning to show its full bloom.Some things may not be suitable for a spring in full bloom.We...are going to wipe them out?

Transport System

2nd anniverary!
Loading this system to the top!

Gear Jet

I haven't updated it in a while. I've been playing Among Us in my free time.I wonder if anyone here has seen me.I finished this level today, but it's very simple.Have fun!

Cave Exit(Formal Chapter Version)

In the pitch-black cave, the goos are struggling to find an exit.Now there was a light in the darkness, and that was the entrance to the cave.Although the light was visible, it was blocked by an obstacle.It seems that this obstacle can be broken.It's their only hope of getting out.

The Vanishing Blue Rain

Blue sky,vanishing rain,platforms and CoolerCommon balls...
Any danger is possible.The more difficult level, the test is the courage!
Find my new ball CoolerCommon:

Birthday by Electric Fragle(Author only)

Don't get me wrong, it's actually my birthday。It's a special occasion. You can't miss it?I created this level.Have fun!
Warning:It's a large and long maze,you should spend more time to play.How fast can you do it?

Clear the virus

Recently I successfully completed the first chapter of the levels, because I can not make the chapter and collapse, I do not know how to help good people how to make the chapter.
I found bossfight interesting while playing the Chapter Unknown World,so the last level in my chapter was made into a level like bossfight, which was released separately because it wasn't ready for a chapter.
Story:The Square Factory Program is going to crash permanently, you need to clear a virus before the square factory will crash permanently, to make sure that the square factory doesn't crash permanently, the goos have to support you in case the square factory crashes, the world will be forgotten.Please clear the virus and save the square world!

Santa Claus Story(Temporarily removed)

Temporarily removed

Electric Fragle's Halloween

I'm back!
The Halloween is over now,but I need to regret it.
Night balls CoolerCommon now is coming!It can light the dark!
Happy Halloween everyone!


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