World of Goo: Lost in Paradise

Lost In ParadiseAuthor: Toxic Goo
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Release date: 05/28/2019 - 11:46
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(This is a fan-made sequel to Kyle Gabler and Ron Carmel's World of Goo)

Toxic Goo presents a five chapter mod with new gooballs, levels and concepts!

(This mod is very large, so it has been broken into two parts, you have to install and activate both parts of the mod in order to play Smile)

This version may have updates, mainly on OCD changes. Make sure you have the latest version! If you have any thoughts, questions or criticism, leave it in the comments!

50 Years since WoGCorp's destruction, and the disappearance of all the Gooballs, what has changed? Join The Sign Painter once again on an epic journey featuring new and old Gooballs, areas and memories! Hurry! WoGCorp 2.0 is waiting...

Have Fun! Tongue

Level Tips

The following info is for people who are stuck on certain levels. If you want to figure it out yourself, dont read this section!

PRC Destruction
-At the beginning of the level, make sure there is a gap between your structure and the sleeping structure holding plasma goo. This will make sure that you can still conduct electricity to the other side with the plasma goo.

Strange Presence
-Whenever you encounter yellow predator goo (and you have to wake them up) try and build your gooballs in-between each predator, they only jump when they touch each other, or any unattached gooball.

Fly Away Digital Goo
-The scroll wheel on your mouse is your best friend here. While dragging with the mecho goo, scroll up!

Fuse Lock
-Never turn all of your fuselayered goo into fluff! While the fluff is immune to fire, it cannot detach unlike the fuselayered. If you do this, your making it very hard for yourself.

Breaking Program
-If you dont read signs, then at least read this. You have two remotebombs, use one to blow up the red skull and use the other to blow up the red block trapping the repair ball!

-After you use beamers and the remotebomb to bust the red block stopping progress, thats when the timer starts! Shoot a beamer through the area where the blockade once was and scroll right as soon as the goos wake up! From that point, keep building right as fast as you can! You are safe underneath the goal as The Malware does not fit and gets stuck. And just like Breaking Program, blow up the red skull instead of the red block.

Cliffs Of Death
-If you STILL dont read signs, then you wont know that the primacommon goo are immune to spikes.

Forbidden Cavern
-Remember that the megablocks are immune to spikes, so the megablocks are immune to the titan snatcher! Stack all of the megablocks vertically in front of the titan snatcher and then build to the pipe.

Ancient Trail
-Dont let the predator rock pop. Instead, kill it with its own kind! The predator rock will die alongside all of the predators inside when it touches the titan snatchers. This can be done by building over the rock, or by a few other strategies.

Island Jumper
-Primacommon goo are not only immune to spikes, but they are also immune to lava!

Boom Cliff
-One of the biggest confusions in this level is the location of the fire. The fire is actually the lava, you must get the primafuse close enough to catch on fire, but not too close otherwise they die instantly.

The Attack Swarm
-Fuzzys only trigger autobouds when they touch geometry, not megablocks.
-Since primacommon are immune to spikes, use them to distract the titan snatchers. The snatchers have three arms, so place three connected primacommons and use it as bait!
-As soon as the block stopping progress blows up, a timer starts! Build to the right as fast as you can and build over the impact zone! If done correctly, the predator bomb will land on the goos and not pop! Which should end the level.

Raiders Of The Goo Bridge
-If you havent caught on already, the fireballs from the wizard goo are very strong. They can be used to push the flutterhawks away and make your life easier.

Leaning Tower Of Gold
-Gold goo are heavy, VERY heavy. If your structure begins to fall to soon, use a gold goo to thwack it back!

Darkened Reality
-Probably the toughest level in the mod, Darkened Reality has one main obstacle that is very hard to deal with. That obstacle is, the last titan snatcher. One trick is similar to The Attack Swarm, but instead you are provided with three climbers. The third climber is difficult to get to since it is just past the titan snatcher. These climbers will distract the titan snatcher for the most part. And hopefully give you time to finish the level.

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Lost In Paradise
This is how the MWV looks
The Island 1 map
A sneek peek of Chapter 1
The Island 2 map
A sneek peek of Chapter 2
The Island 3 map
A sneek peek of Chapter 3
The Island 4 map
A sneek peek of Chapter 4
The Island 5 map
A sneek peek of Chapter 5
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