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Addins by Purple Scientist

Freezing Man

Another factory! And another strange head... you know what to do.
This addin is mostly a copy of Burning Man level, but it has some new features. Enjoy!

Experimental Land

No screenshot

Note: As of October 2019, ExpLand is deprecated and no further development is planned. You can still download the latest version with 7 levels.

Merry Gooistmas

It's the Christmas eve in the World of Goo!
The Goo Balls decided to build a tower high up the sky. What are they going to find there?
It's the seventh addin by me and it's not easy!

Merry Chistmas!Santa

Cave Level Pack

Now you can play the full story of the Goo Balls who went into the cave! This level pack contains six levels:

1. The Island
2. Into The Cave*
3. Inside The Cave*
4. Depths Of The Cave
5. The Cave Monster
6. To The Freedom

The levels that are published already are marked *. You DO NOT HAVE TO delete them before you will download this.

If you have spotted any bugs or problems with this level pack, tell me.

Electric Challenge

We're going back to the Information Superhighway!


Oh no! These gooballs are trapped in the depths of the Information Superhighway! You have to rescue them. It will be a real CHALLENGE!

Electric Challenge is the fifth level by me and it features a new species of goo - Electric (it's the same as Bit, but it's cyan, not green). I created music for the level by myself.

Update log

v0.1 - Published the addin.

Morning Coffee

 It made me so *hic* cheery! - the peppy Sign Painter

Morning Coffee is the fourth addin by Purple Scientist and it will make you cheery! This level has zero gravity so it's more challenging than others. Also there are two new species of goo - Coffee and Sugar. Enjoy!

If you have problems with this level, tell me.

Update log

v0.3 - Now with OCD!

v0.2 - Fixed Sugar and added the missing strand.

v0.1 - Published the addin.

Inside The Cave

Hello again! This is my third addin and the followup to Into the Cave. It features a new gooball - Cave Goo.

If you have issues with this level, report me about them.

Update log

v0.2 - Now with OCD!

v0.1 - Published the addin.

Into The Cave

Can you beat this tricky level? It's my second addin and it features a new gooball: CaveBeauty.
Have fun!

And, if you have any problems playing this, tell me.

Update log

v0.3 - Now with OCD!

v0.2 - Changed the background, fixed music.

v0.1 - Published the addin.

The Goo Valley

Not so hard and not so easy level. Also my first World of Goo addin!

If you have problems playing this level, let me know. I'll try to fix it.

Update log

v0.3 - Added ballbuster, changed pipe. Also added an OCD.

v0.2 - Added Beauty and a signpost, changed music and background.

v0.1 - Published the addin.


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