Experimental Land

Author: Purple Scientist
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Release date: 01/15/2019 - 09:54
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I'm starting a big project - Experimental Land. It will contain many levels but now it's on development stage. You can download and play 4 levels - Strange Gravity, A Catchy Problem, Forward To The Past and Unwanted Visitors.

Strange Gravity

The gravity in this level is VERY strange. Wherever you go, you will end up at the top. Spooky!

A Catchy Problem

This time, you'll meet Catchers, the most evil goo in the Experimental Land. They'll catch you and you will not be able to escape!

Forward To The Past

The Experimental Corp. has created the time machine! And now we all can go into the good old times in 2008...

Unwanted Visitors

The dark, windy, cold and very unfriendly Mountains are just in front of us! There is very strong gravity and the Megabytes.

More levels coming soon!

The soundtrack for the chapter can be viewed here:

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Strange Gravity
A Catchy Problem
Forward To The Past
Unwanted Visitors
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BETA (0.1)AllThu, 01/03/2019 - 13:09com.goofans.PS.ExpLand.goomod2.51 MB14

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