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Petya Virus

Petya is encrypting files now

I`m back!And i created PETYA VIRUS level.
Oh no!The Petya Virus attacked the whole Information Superhighway!You heve to wake up bomb sleeping on screen of death and explode screen!
OCD:72 balls
Post comment,download and like please!Wink Wink Wink

Virtual Tower in Zero Gravity

Level in Wogle

This is a my new level!In october,1,I create other level.Later I create this level for my population.

The Exploding Planet

A giant ISH gear

This level is PRETTY big,and for simple players are PRETTY hard.
This level and OCD for pro!
OCD:320 balls
Goal:160 balls

Landing to Moon

This is a last level of my future chapter.

It is create coming soon!

Explode the MOMster


This is a last level for World of Goo1/2.
In this level you need explode MOMster and save the whole world.

P.S.Don`t download arhived version!It has one bug.

Chapter 3 Again


Chapter 3 Again!


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