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I'm Adrian. A guy who makes a project called "After the Corporation". It's a pretty massive mod, and it's under constant development. I also make music & art, here's my Youtube Channel and Soundcloud. Enjoy my content, and stuff... :>

World of Goo

Towers by Adrian122

Adrian122 hasn't uploaded any World of Goo Corporation towers.

Addins by Adrian122

4/15/21 Level Contest!

The 9 levels submitted to the contest. We'll vote on them once everyone gets a chance to play them. This contest was themed around making interesting and unique levels that not many people have thought of before.

Winner: Rotting (by APerson/LuckyGooツ)

The second download is for Serafim's level, as it was too big to fit in the goomod. Make sure you play that one too! IMPORTANT: Don't download both at once: it'll crash.

Adrian's Challenge Level: Grey Thwack Room

This is how the level looks like.

People like difficult levels. Whack Pack, Misanthropical Manor, Cyber Storm, Burnout... You name it.

Adrian's Cassette Collection

This image was drawn poorly, but who cares.

Hello! What's up?

I was going through some addins on this site, and then I saw Monochrome_95's addin that introduces an idea of Cassettes, and then I though that I could do something similar.

I present to You... Adrian's Cassette Collection!

(Since the addin's size is massive (because of all the tracks that are over two minutes each), here's a Google Drive link:

There are 12 cassettes so far. Each one with unique song.

Steamy Bridge

Level from an abandoned project.

Room of Renunciation

Lost in time and space...

This is a collab sequel to gooey goo's level "Room of Remorse":

(Music made by Adrian122)

World of Goo: After the Corporation (Early Version)

World of Goo: After the Corp by Adrian122


I'm proud to present a 5-Chapter Mod: WoG After the Corp!
This is my first addin I uploaded to this site, and it's under constant development to this day. I hope you enjoy it Tongue

Currently, three chapter are done. (Although I constantly update and make them even better. I post progress on my YouTube channel:

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