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Im a Pollen Gooball which likes to make mods for WoG Tongue

World of Goo

Towers by Adrian122

Adrian122 hasn't uploaded any World of Goo Corporation towers.

Addins by Adrian122

Steamy Bridge

Level from an abandoned project.

Room of Renunciation

Lost in time and space...

This is a collab sequel to gooey goo's level "Room of Remorse":

(Music made by Adrian122)

World of Goo: After the Corporation

World of Goo: After the Corp by Adrian122

Im proud to present a 5-Chapter Mod: WoG After the Corp!
This is my first addin that i uploaded to this site, i hope you enjoy it Tongue

Currently, three chapter are done.

(All 3 parts need to be installed in order for the mod to work. Don't click the "Install Now with GooTool" button, instead click the "Downloads" tab below and install all 3 parts from there)

Version 1.0

-New Chapter 1!
-23 New levels!
-4 New Gooballs!

Version 2.0

-New Chapter 2!
-23 New Levels!
-7 New Gooballs!

Version 3.0

-New Chapter 3!
-23 New Levels!


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