World of Goo: After the Corporation

World of Goo: After the Corp by Adrian122Author: Adrian122
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Release date: 03/10/2019 - 09:57
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Im proud to present a 5-Chapter Mod: WoG After the Corp!
This is my first addin that i uploaded to this site, i hope you enjoy it Tongue

Currently, two chapter are done.

Special thanks to:

Toxic Goo, gooey goo, Fedor Ilyukhin (For making some custom music)

Version 1.0

-New Chapter 1!
-23 New levels!
-4 New Gooballs!

Version 2.0

-New Chapter 2!
-23 New Levels!
-7 New Gooballs!

Newest patch (Ch1 1.7, Ch2 2.3)

-Added goo cards to chapter maps!
-Fixed crashing level (The Hangman)
-Changed and fixed texts, signs, spelling mistakes, ect... (v1.5)
-Fixed crashing level (The Thistle Gap)
-Customized level loading screens
-Made level "The Impale Climber" easier
-Ultimate crash fix for ch 1 (v 1.6.5)
-Fixed some small bugs and customised Tank cutscene (v1.7)

Other Info

Custom Tracks are made by me or by Fedor (You can listen to them on my channel): https://

Bonus levels (With yellow buttons) are made either by me or other people:

Chapter 1:
The Flowers - Adrian122
The Bog - gooey goo
The Cloudy Hill - Toxic Goo

Chapter 2:
The Hollow - Adrian122
The Impale Climber - Fedor Ilyukhin
The Desolate Wind - Toxic Goo

World of Goo After the Corporation Chapter 2 Trailer
World of Goo After the Corporation Chapter 2 Trailer
by Adrian122.

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World of Goo: After the Corp by Adrian122
Map World View and Chapter 1
Map World View and Chapter 2
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2.3AllSat, 03/09/2019 - 04:38Adrian122.WoGAtCCh2.goomod19.56 MB28

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